Paris Photo Show and more


Three years ago I went to the Paris Photo Show for the first time.  I have wanted to return since.  I hope to go again next year too.  It is one of the best art shows that I have gone too.  I went with my daughter Emily and between the two of us, we were on the go constantly and probably could have done more.  She summed up what makes the show so unique, the galleries only show one medium at this show so in many ways it is more interesting and easier to take in.   Also, taking place at the Grand Palais certainly adds to the atmosphere.

Here are some of the highlights.  I am drawn to birds these days.  These are Birds of New England by CIG Harvey from Robert Klein Gallery in Boston.

Sunset Blvd by Matthew Porter at Xippas Gallery in Paris

We own a large and very small James Casabere, this is his new work which we talked about for days.  An ode to Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect at Templon Gallery in Paris.

There is mostly new work at this show but I’d say about 20% is older work.  Thought this was perfect for these times although it was done in 1964 by Dennis Hopper at Galerie Johannes Faber.

The Silk Road Gallery from Teheran had this from Jalal Sepehr of his Red Zone Series.

Morning Rain by Wolfgang Tillmans is so simple and beautiful at the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru.

Daniel Blaufuks at Jean Kenta Gauthier.

Have seen this before and still love it.  Abelardo Morell at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Sory Sanle at Yossi Milo.

Loved this vintage group at Bruce Wasserstein Gallery from Aaron Siskind.

Christiane Feser at Galerie Anita Beckers

Sharon Core at Yancey Richardson.

After we left the show, we headed over to Collette, who will have made their mark in retail history creating one of the first concept shops.  They will be closing on December 1, at the top of their game, even though so many more have entered this picture.  I will be insanely sad to see the doors close  There is not a trip to Paris where I do not stop by Collette to see what the two women behind it (mother and daughter) have done.  They added this blue burger to the menu at the Water Bar downstairs to say goodbye.

We soldiered on for drinks before dinner at Buvette in the 11th.  Another pioneer but here in the natural wine world.  A small bar with tiny plates that you must order a few if you want to sit with wines galore.  Woman owner who is quite the badass.  We had two delicious glasses of wine and a plate of white beans with lemon zest and another of andouille sausage.  These white beans are up there on one of the better dishes of the year.

After we walked down the street to Servan.  Both of us have eaten there before and I am sure both of us will eat there again. The black pudding fried wontons with spicy chili sauce is so damn good and the spicy cockles and roasted cauliflower with sesame is high up there too.

Ending in a Paris Brest is a nice way to end a meal in Paris.  A full day for sure but there is always tomorrow.





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  1. awaldstein

    Terrific. Compelling images.Minor collector, all in appreciator.I have an original signed Margaret Bourke-White Platinum print of a DC 4 over the Chrysler building in the 30s over my desk for years, staring at it now. It will be there for as long as I am here

    1. Gotham Gal

      Having art around you and books is key

      1. awaldstein

        Something we share.I think the challenges with many of the great projects like 20×200 is that this is not a commonly shared need. Surprises me but I think true nonetheless.

        1. Gotham Gal


  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Reading through the post, hit the blue burgers and at first thought, “Oh, I wonder who the artist is?” Ha ha!BTW, I have the back of anyone with sparkly nails and an enflamed phone shell.

    1. Gotham Gal