Swoonery Jewelry Salon

Jean Poh, the founder of Swoonery, has built a marketplace of the top jewelry designers across the globe.  Jewelry is one of those items that range in price and are personal.  Women seem to be able to pull the trigger online to purchase an insanely expensive handbag that is worn for probably a shorter period of time than jewelry and would not necessarily be thought of as an asset but women seem to have a harder time pulling the trigger on jewelry without touching and feeling it.  It is changing, as everything around online purchases has but designer jewelry is not quite there yet.

So, how do you begin to build trust and customers who still want to touch and feel the products? To start, you open a jewelry salon.  The Swoonery Jewelry Salon is a gorgeous, intimate space that feels like the chic living room (complete with a bar) of someone who has the best jewelry collection in the world where women can go to shop and work with Jean or the other jewelry specialists to find jewelry that works for them. It’s a personalized experience that feels nothing like a retail store. You might run into magazine editors coming to get ideas for a shoot or designers who pop in and out to show Jean their latest collections and get pointers.

Another perk of the Swoonery Jewelry Salon is you can bring in diamond jewelry that someone gave you but you never wear (or that engagement ring that you’ve outgrown) and trade it in for brand new designer jewelry from over 85 brands that Swoonery carries. They partnered with the International Institute of Diamond Valuation, part of the De Beers Group of Companies to do this. You can bring in diamonds or pieces that have diamonds that you might be interested in trading in and IIDV will tell you the origin and value the piece. If you choose to move forward, IIDV issues a market price quote certificate that you can then use to buy something new at Swoonery. This is all part of Swoonery’s Conscious Luxury Initiative which promotes sustainable practices in the jewelry industry and empowering women express themselves and make conscious choices about the luxury products they surround themselves with.

Many of the designers Jean carries—like Elie Top, who used to be the jewelry designer at Lanvin before he left to start his own label—are only on Swoonery and if there’s a piece you like from that brand that you can’t find anywhere else, Jean and her team can get it. The experience online is just as personal–you can browse the site, put information in about styles that appeal to you then the site will point you in the direction of pieces that are right for you and you can chat with a live person if you want assistance.

I highly recommend making an appointment to go to the salon here or by contacting [email protected], it’s such a fun and unique experience you’ll want to bring a group of girlfriends or send your significant other when it’s time to get you a gift. This is how buying jewelry should feel. Fun, easy, warm, personal, exciting, trustworthy. Swoonery nailed it.