Upscale Restaurants

I have been thinking about this for awhile but last night’s experience sealed the deal.  This fall, we had dinner at a handful of restaurants that are definitely overpriced with the hope that the experience and the food would be worth the cost.  It wasn’t.  All of them were disappointing except for one, The Grill.

The type of restaurants we frequent just don’t excite me these days.  I keep trying to articulate what it is.  They all seem the same, the food is ok, not great and the experience isn’t that interesting.  At the Grill, the food isn’t OMG but it is solid and some of the things on the menu are certainly amazing but it is all about the experience.  The experience is incredible.

I happened to be on the lower east side this weekend, where small ethnic restaurants rule, and the majority of them get high scores on Foursquare and other places.  The reason is the food is really good and the experience is fun, gritty and the price is in line with that.   My only wish is that these places took reservations and made the experience longer.  When we go out with people, you want to have a few hours to talk and drink but it is tough to do when you aren’t at a semi-fine dining restaurant.

I feel as if we are going to see a shift in the restaurant scene.  The waiting in line is just not a good look so I’d love to see someone create a restaurant with good food, a great experience, the right price and the ability to reserve a seat….a solid wine list would be an added bonus.