All the Ladies are in the house….and they are here to stay

What a year it has been.  The fork in the road is quite clear, there is no going back and it is about time.

There have been challenges for women in every single industry as long as there has been an industry.  Technology, as much as I believed back in the day that this particular industry would change all that, has been one of the worst.  The good news is that things are changing.  Yesterday, one of the top female VC’s told me that when they are investing in a really solid female founder and are looking for others to fill out the round, they only show the deal to other female VC’s to give it a first look.  That is powerful.  It means that female VC’s are holding the cards on the women founders.  There is a lot of proof in the pudding in pure data that female founders have higher ROI’s so we are going to see females rising to the top on the top of the charts.  That is a bonus for everyone particularly the next generation of women coming up the ranks as you can’t be it if you can’t see it.

As someone who has been touting this for over a decade, it is about time.  The band of female investors are organizing together vs the past (my generation) where sharp elbows were everywhere.  The first initiative is Female Founders Hours. It is happening on both coasts and hopefully will extend to other cities.  It is about women helping women.  The concept is that female investors will have 30-minute slots for a few hours, hopefully, every month, where female founders can get a 1-1 with a female investor to talk about their business.  There will be great advice, communities built and perhaps some game-changing businesses will get funded.

I am not a VC but an angel and I am honored to be part of the incredible group of female VC’s who are leading this charge.  I must admit, it makes me feel that my mission is being accomplished.