Another day in Miami

We started the day off with the Rubell Family Collection.  They are in the midst of building a large new building to display more of their collection.  It is seriously impressive what they have done.  Most of the work I have seen there over the years is really out there but it is important to be collected.  This Jon Rafman video was in the main room.  The first quote on this film is “If you can’t sleep at night, it means you are awake in someone else’s dreams”.  He immerses himself in the digital world through augmented reality.  We happen to own his earlier works that are of images pulled off the internet layered with other images on top of it.

The installation this year was all about the digital world.  This particular piece if by Jennifer Rubell of a gag nutcracker, fully functioning of Hillary Clinton.

This is a human statue by Frank Benson

Our next move was going over to the new ICA museum.  That area of town appears to have been built yesterday.  They did an amazing job.  Great rooms, beautiful flow, light and airy.  Most of the work was large forms.  This is from Anna Opperman who is known for her ensembles.

The second floor was the most interesting.  Rochelle Feinstein exploring artistic creation.

Avery Singer who uses 3D modeling and Sketch-up tools.

Nicole Eisenman, one of my favorite painters right now.

Next door is the De La Cruz Collection.  Another new building although did not love the most of the work.  Sigmar Polke.

Although did love this from Jim Hodges.

We stopped by the new food space that only has stalls with Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese vendors called 1-800-Lucky.  They weren’t open until 3pm so unfortunately, we did not get to try anything.

Off to NADA.  I always want to love NADA more than I do.  Felt pieces by William O’Brien.

Donuts by David Adamo

Sally Saul.


We went back to the other side of Miami for lunch at Taquiza.  Seriously line.  The tacos were good but the chips were amazing.  Blue chips that were crunchy yet chewy.

We walked down to the Bass Museum which was the hit of the day.  Sculptures outside.

This is right before walking in.

Each installation was better than the next.  The second floor’s first room was of these colored windows by Ugo Rondinone.

The rooms of clowns off of that was amazing.  You honestly can’t capture it on film.

Downstairs was an install of Pascale Marthine, a Cameroon artist who mixes historical objects from the past and present.  Incredible.

Then another installation of Mika Rottenberg.

It was time to put our feet up and take it easy before heading out for drinks and dinner later on in the evening.


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  1. CCjudy

    I really like the Eisenman will read more about her…

    1. Emil Sotirov

      Same here – love the one by Nicole Eisenman. Very last century Paris… but then you notice the screen on the wall… the foam mattress and the other details. The couple becomes timeless. Like a Byzantine icon – transitory life as periphery, the eternal at the center.