This is the future of Government….and thank god

It might take some time but there is definitely the next generation of people who are tossing their hat in the ring to run for office.  I, for one, can hardly wait to see these women win at the voting booth.   A list of 100+ Black Women running for office.  Emily’s list also announced that over 20,000 women are running.  It might have been a crazy 2017 with the overwhelming din from the White House that the world was falling apart and was completely disconnected from the data that is out there but their lies and anger have created a movement of American women who are jumping in to run for office and that is a very good thing.

I do fear power and corruption of all Government officials when they have been in office too long but I want to be optimistic when I see that more women, more Black’s and more Latino’s run with the hope that will have a more diverse group of people leading our country and those constituencies that they represent will force more collaboration and conversation.  Let’s hope so because certainly, these people represent what America looks like and that is a good thing even though Trump would prefer to see something else.  Just like gender-diverse companies show a better ROI, diverse communities are more interesting and I believe are better for all of us.

As this year winds down, I am giving a lot of thought to the past year and the year ahead.  Someone asked the question at a lunch yesterday “Does Democracy still work”?  I believe it does but just like everything else, things evolve and technology has been the root of shifts from jobs to new industries to the death of other industries and as a democracy, we have to be able to change with the world around us.  It just seems to take a little while for Government to catch up to the private sector and certainly the faces of many in power that are predominantly white male and over 65 is not future thinkers I want to see in power making decisions.

Change is afoot, and the data around the sheer amount of new faces running for offices is real and powerful.  I am looking forward to 2018 to see where all of this takes us.