California Here I Come

There was a song I learned growing up called “California Here I Come” that was in the 1921 Broadway musical called Bombo starring Al Jolson.  It was written by Buddy DeSylvia and Joseph Meyer, and Jolson is the co-author.  It is known as the unofficial song of California.  It works for me as the first line is “California Here I Come” and the second line is “Right Back Where I Started From” which works for me as Los Angeles is where I was born.

We have been taking our winter sojourn in Los Angeles for the past four years.  We have made a lot of new friends and reconnected with some old.  We get to be warmer than colder in the winter months.  We get to change our pace as nothing runs as fast as NYC.  Josh graduates this year so in many ways next year our life becomes completely unstructured.  I don’t foresee any major shifts but I could see us going back and forth a bit when the cold sets in vs waiting for Josh’s return to college.  I am ready to hit the blue skies of LA, check out the new restaurants, eat a lot of tacos and sushi, do our annual dumpling outing in San Gabriel Valley and take some nice walks on the beach.