Company names

The naming of a company is not easy.  Buying the URL is even more difficult.  Once a name is picked, the URL is purchased, then it is about building the brand around that name.  If I gave it more thought than I did, Gotham Gal might not have been the name I would have chose but it stuck and it is what it is now and there is no going back.

There are certain industries, where having your own personal name on the door is what people choose.  Perhaps ego or perhaps lack of imagination but I have never understood it.  It is hard to build a company to sell when your name is on the door.  I have spoken about this before that I want to see more women build Googles, Twitters and Tumblrs vs a Martha or Oprah.  Also, when your name isn’t on the door, there is a different mindset.

One of the industries that has been connected to someone’s name forever is the fashion industry.  When I saw the Dior exhibit at the Museum des Decoratifs in Paris, what was fascinating is that the Dior house began in 1946 and he died in 1957, yet the brand has continued on with new designers at the helm who have modernized the brand yet each new design head has made each of their reigns feel fluid as if Dior was still behind the door.

Many of this generation’s new fashion brands such as Rag & Bone, Common Projects, and the Row, have built brands without most consumers knowing who the designers are behind the product.  It is smart as it is the brand that shines not necessarily the players behind it and that makes it easier to be agile…and if you want, an exit.