Where will we be without hard working laborers?

I read an article a few weeks ago about the agriculture industry in Britain.  I am still thinking about it.  Farmers used to drive to certain locations to pick up some day laborers to help work the land be it picking or planting the crops.  With Brexit, it appears that those laborers have disappeared.  Instead of seeing a group waiting to be picked up for a paid day of work, nobody shows up.  Those farmers are losing money by the minute without the day laborers to help them.

There is a slew of jobs in this country filled by hard working day laborers.  Many of those workers are people who have come from other countries to better their lives for themselves and their families.  Those jobs are anything from cleaning people to farm laborers to taxi drivers to moving people.  Their services are invaluable.

The US is a country of immigrants.  What happens when the immigrants who have been around for 200 plus years decide immigrants are no longer allowed here even though they are an immigrant themselves.  Hundreds of years of a reputation as a place where people can go and succeed if they work hard with an ability to better themselves and their families changes over the course of one administration.  Is that possible?

Then what happens if people across the globe decide to not come here anymore?  Who fills all those jobs? Maybe some of them will be filled with by robots but many of them won’t be.  Those jobs will sit vacant and create havoc on the economy as these workers always spend money and pay taxes.  To all of those who are for this type of policy, be careful what you wish for.  Look and see what is happening in Britain and it isn’t pretty.