Another week in LA

The weekends are almost always meant for exploring whether we are in LA or NYC or anywhere.  Ollie is definitely settling into the LA life.

We made our way down to the Craft and Folk Art Museum.  They are having an exhibit called Movements in Contemporary Clay.  We have bought two pieces from Matt Wedel, an artist I discovered through a friend.  His work is front and center and it was great to see this piece.

The other artists in the show included Cheryl Ann Thomas, a local LA sculptor.

Anthony Sonnenberg, from Texas.

Afterward, we made the drive, and again drive is what LA is all about, to Salazar, a place that we missed out on going to last winter.  It is not a place that we’d drive to for dinner but definitely can do for lunch.  It would easily take us over an hour to get here on a weeknight if not an hour and a half.  It is set on an open lot of a busy corner.  It’s so great.  All sitting is outside making it extremely dog-friendly as the ones above hung next to our table.

It is really a beautiful little spot.

Good guacamole.

Delish tacos.  All the meat is made from the mesquite grill.  The lunch menu is a bit lighter than the dinner menu.

Deep fried pork skins were the special of the day.  We drove back on roads not the freeway to Venice.  It is quite amazing driving neighborhood to neighborhood from one end of the city.

I love the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday.  Some new additions to the market.  The woman behind this came to American 3 years ago from Latvia.  She was a doctor there and couldn’t find the right bread in LA so she began making her own.  The breads are incredible.  You can order them online.  Each of the breads can last almost 10 days.  Latvian Dark Rye, Sweet & Sour Rye, French Sourdough, Sweet Sourdough and more.  Delicious!

As always the citrus is so good.



A local band even played for us this week.

Caught this sign on the way out.  Definitely one of my constants every week while I am here.  I always love the farmers market.





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  1. awaldstein

    Nothing like the Green Markets in LA.Did a 4 month long project last year on Arizona in Santa Monica.Every Thursday the street was closed for a farmers market. 2nd home to me.

  2. ErikSchwartz

    Are those pomegranate seeds in the Guac?

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. ErikSchwartz

        Cool. I have to try that.