Dear Mr. McConnell

It is hard to not be numb to another shooting.  I am so blown away by the young adults from the Florida High School who have turned into activists overnight.  Their voices are inspiring yet there is no doubt that the mental anguish that these kids are suffering is something that we only see in small cracks yet I am sure they are huge gashes.

My niece is 15.  She has become more civic-minded every day.  She is aghast about what is happening in our country and with our inept Government, and I might be going out on a limb here but there will probably be a lot more words to describe our Government in the weeks and months to come.  Her only connection to Government is the Obama years and she was a fan.  No drama, compassion, empathy, and leadership vs what we have now.

She shared with me a letter she wrote to Mitch McConnell and said I could blog about it. She is extremely upset about the multiple shootings in schools.  If you have not talked to any kids in her age group, it gives all of us a little insight into what they are thinking about.

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  1. Diana Davenport

    Wow, beautiful and powerful. I will vote for Ruby when she gets ready to replace that man she wrote to.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Me too!

      1. Ella Dyer

        Me too; please tell her parents we said thanks for raising a decent human being.

  2. Stephanie Astrow

    Ruby’s letter brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for helping amplify her voice! And thank you, Ruby, for leading the way forward!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love seeing your name in the comments!

  3. awaldstein

    As an aside, sat next to one of the founders of on the plane recently.Impressed with Michelle, the CMO, impressed with the focus of the organization.Hadn’t heard of them.

    1. lisa hickey

      Thanks for this resource—I just shared it with a political group I’m involved with.

  4. denmeade

    What an impressive young person. Thank you for sharing it and thank you Ruby for speaking your mind so eloquently… you clearly do have ‘the guts, brains and heart’.

  5. lisa hickey

    Beautiful, important letter. It’s important to continually thank these kids for their leadership. Many thanks to Ruby and thanks to all who share and amplify her voice.

  6. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Nicely done, Ruby Skye. The future is in good hands with you and your generation.

  7. Deborah Smith

    Another powerful voice from the beautiful youth who are going to change this world (for the better!). Grateful for Ruby’s willingness to allow you to share this <3

  8. Irene Astrow

    I am bursting with pride.. That’s my granddaughter, Ruby! Thanks Joanne.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Irene in the comment section!!!

  9. JimBerridge

    Fantastic letter – good for Ruby. Amazing to read but also upsetting at the same time that it has come to this. I’m in my 50s and I agree with sentiments that our generation has failed her generation on this topic. I just hope the next generation has the critical mass of energy and commitment to bring about the change we failed to deliver.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I hope so too