New business ideas?

Perhaps I am just becoming more cynical over time but it is tough to be an entrepreneur without a good idea.  Now more than ever I am seeing a re-creation of old ideas with new twists.  The latest twist is adding an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to everything from social platforms where people will be sharing their knowledge with others (aka free mentors you find online) or e-commerce platforms that you get their cryptocurrency like points.

The next wave, the next concept.  Back in the 90’s when companies were starting to be built on the Internet, there were slews of them that were literally brick and mortar concepts just put up online because the Internet was just going to change everything. is one that comes to mind.

Successful backable ideas are creative, forward-thinking concepts that change the way we do things.  Rehashing old concepts that have yet to work or do work with a twist is the long tail of the entrepreneurial era.  I should just embrace it and get over it but I can’t help but say out loud “really”?