Driving, driving, driving…

The biggest downside of LA is the driving.  It is easier to just stay in your neighborhood but I so do love to explore.  So after running the weekend errands, we headed downtown.  Today we chose Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast for our entertainment.  He is so good.  He takes you on a journey about the overlooked and misunderstood pieces of history that he finds fascinating.  I think we listened to 5 of them….gives you an idea of how much we drove.

Our first stop was Hauser & Wirth.  Their gallery down in the arts center of LA has transformed the entire area.  Every time we go down there, there seems to be more development.  They had an installation of Mark Bradford’s work, a local LA artist.  It is really hard to capture the depth of these pieces in photos.

I really loved this piece too.

There is a new shop of editions that is definitely worth stopping in.  Also another exhibit of Geta Bratescu.

On our way over to Geffen we stopped in VHILS, to see the first solo show of Alexandra Farto.  The show is about globalized development.  This is of LA.

I also loved these carved concrete pieces.

At the Geffen, MOCA museum.  An installation of Adrian Villa Rojas, a site-specific exhibit that feels apocalyptic.  Not my thing.

We were in Koreatown, so we went to Shin-Sen-Guni, where we stood in line for awhile before getting 2 seats for a bowl of rich pork broth ramen.

I had to take a picture of what the man next to me was doing to prepare for his ramen.  Lots of fresh garlic that will kill the taste of the delicious soup.  Alas, to each its own.

We went to another exhibit (next weeks post) but didn’t realize we needed to get tickets beforehand, so instead, we made our way over to M & B Gallery to see the Matthew Brandt show.  I like to go see shows of artists we have collected to see how they evolve and perhaps think about buying something new.  His work has really changed since first buying his work a few years back.  His medium is photography.  These pieces are materials that are used to clean the press after the prints are made.  He took them and embroidered on them.

This one is a dip-tich that is etched and reflective of nature.  Hard to photograph.

One last stop was at Von Lintel gallery to see Christiane Feser’s work.  Big fan.

We went home and took a BIG nap before making our way out for the evening later that night.

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  1. awaldstein

    Tried the rail from SM on 4th to downtown yet?Like the Matthew Brandt work a lot. New2me.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Nope but I should