Skiing through the bumps

I obviously can’t help myself on the ski analogies.  As I was moving up the mountain staring at the snowy mogul field, my mind wandered to how the bumps are a great analogy to how I am living my life right now.

I love skiing the bumps.  I ski aggressively through those bumps, probably too aggressively but am working on that too, but I can’t ski the bumps all day.  It is too exhausting.  It is great to plow through a short run of bumps and then get out.  Also, sometimes you are on top of a bump and other times you are in the trenches.

Perhaps it is age, perhaps it is the last decades’ sprint in the investing world, perhaps it is other interests, perhaps it is finally figuring out how climbing every mountain that appears in front of my face isn’t necessary to scale….it is a variety of things.

My thesis is shifting in the investment world and I am letting it evolve.  There are a lot of pieces that need to fall together before I will invest and in the past, the pieces were different.  Valuation, team, interest, other investors at the table and opportunity just have different faces these days.  I want to keep my finger on the pulse of the start-up world but I don’t want to aggressively be in it every moment.  I love jumping in but I also love apres-ski.

I am so excited to be investing and living life like the bumps.

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  1. Pranay Srinivasan

    Learning to ski alone because you know the mountain and trust your judgement means you’ll find slopes less skiied or even avoid more crowded slopes because people are painful in ski season (per prev post when people ski in the latest equipment) 🙂