Flora Bar and the Met Breuer

What I always loved about the Whitney Museum is the space.  The size is perfect for exhibits making it almost an intimate setting.  Also, I so love the building, I could live there if need be.  That brutalist, Bauhaus modern architecture just speaks to me.

The Whitney passed the ownership of the building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and to live on.  The Flora Bar in the basement is a great addition.  The food is really good.  We went for Sunday brunch and a to see the Like Life, Sculpture and Body Show.  Above is the red shrimp with sea urchin and uni.  Not only delicious but the presentation is fantastic.

This is a mix of pastries, citrus salad, and croquettes.  One is better than the next.

Lobster and crab dumplings in a yuzu broth has been on the menu from day one and it should.  A must have.

Creme brulee is perfect.  The crack of the sugar on top dives into sweet eggy custard with hints of vanilla.

Time to walk upstairs.  The show dates from the 14 century to the present exploring a narrative of sculpture to think about the human body and history.  Incredibly well curated and many of the pieces are so well preserved that they are jaw-dropping.  I took photos of almost everything but will just stick with some highlights.  Housepainter, Duane Hanson, 1984.

Mother, Bharti Kher, 2016.

Housewife, Duane Hanson, 1969-1970.

The Whistlers, Tip Toland, 2005.

Yinka Shonibare, Girl Ballerina, 2017.  You can see the Degas ballerina in the background as this piece by Shonibare is influenced by that piece.  I have watched Shonibare for years and am a big fan of his work.

Sarah with Blue Dress, Juan Munoz, 1996.

Les Gueilleres X,  Mai-Thu Perret, 2016.

Eingreen & Dragset, The Experiment, 2012.

Rubber Soul, Monument of Inspiration, Mary Sibande, 2011.

Old Woman in Bed, Ron Mueck, 2000.

I took my time going through this exhibit.  Each piece had a write-up of the history and what it represented.  A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Anne-Marie Kovacs

    And this is the power of analog. No matter how many photos you posted or how many I can find online, I still want to see this exhibit for myself, IN PERSON.Thanks for posting. Added to my must list next time in NYC.