Let’s start off with how Chelsea Market has brilliantly evolved into an incredible food destination.  The local passage downstairs is a nice addition as well although the Fruit/Vegetable market has really gone downhill but am hoping for a resurrection there.  The addition of Miznon to the market, with their own entrance on 15th Street, is a big bonus.

I have been to the original Miznon (called Abraxas Tzafon) in Tel Aviv in December 2010.  It was memorable.  The roasted cauliflower, the parchment paper wrapped around each entree and the pita bread came rushing back to me when we walked into Miznon in Paris.  The masterminds behind Miznon have brought their famous cauliflower (oven roasted) and insane Mediterranean pita sandwiches to NYC.

The first one was more of a place to sit and have a meal.  The one in Paris is very European.  There is a bar area where you go get all the condiments for your meal so the restaurant feels a bit more communal.  NYC is different for a different customer.  They have figured out how to take all of the good things in their first two spots and be a fast-casual spot for NYC without the condiment bar but a metal tray with everything you ordered in it so you can sit on the grandstands comfortably with this community.  There is also a bar and a few tables around the place.

The menu here seems a bit tighter but I could be wrong but it is a bit different except of course for the cauliflower.  Everything comes in the parchment paper bags.

Love the large plate of grilled peppers that sits on the counter and comes on each plate.  Thinking of summer days ahead.

We had the ratatouille stuffed pita with tahini and chopped hard-boiled egg on top.  The pita sops up the ratatouille liquids so make sure to lean over when you eat that sandwich.  The juice will still drip down your face while you lick your lips of roasted eggplant and tomatoes.

I loved the mushroom pita.  Burnt salted wild mushrooms stuffed inside a pita with big chunks of roasted scallions and a bit of sour cream to keep the whole thing together.

Our first sweet in the restaurants and well worth the finale.  A small pita stuffed with warm caramelized bananas Nutella as the base.  I mean come on…how bad could that be?

This could be our weekend lunch spot….or my weekly lunch spot.  It is my kind of food.

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  1. awaldstein

    I’m so going to try Miznon, possibly today–thanks!btw–the cheese place at the bottom of the stairs downstairs has a significant selection of raw sheep and goat cheese–my thing–and not easy to find here in ny.

    1. kirklove

      Anne Saxelby is the best cheesemonger out there. She’s really great.

      1. awaldstein

        I didn’t know the person behind this. I only know that I go way out of my way to buy cheese there for the selection and the intelligence on how it is made.Now i do–thanks!

    2. Gotham Gal

      Big fan of Anne Saxelby!

  2. kirklove

    The cheeseburger pita is legit.