Wu’s Wonton King

Wu’s Wonton King opened a year ago and has quickly become the go-to place in Chinatown.  A few things to keep in mind.  Getting a reservation is not that difficult but communication isn’t the greatest.  I ordered a pig and a duck in advance and somehow the pig didn’t happen although I made the “confirmation” call a few times because I was pretty sure that they weren’t writing anything down.  I was right but at least it gives me a really good reason to go back.  The pig should also be enjoyed with a bigger party than 6 which is what we had.

The person who waited on us was great.  He was engaging and helpful about what to order.  He loved pointing to the pictures of their specialties on the wall.  We started off with the wonton soup.  A light flavorful broth with two types of dumplings, both shrimp and both delish.

Duck is key here.  Crispy shimmering pieces of duck skin stuffed with just a little bit of meat inside warm soft doughy buns are literally lip-licking good.  I continued to go back to the duck throughout the meal and it took a lot to eventually hold myself back.

Our server recommended the salt and pepper deep fried squid.  Another winner.  I could pour these into a brown bag, go on my merry way and eat them like potato chips.  Crispy with that hint of salt over buttery pieces of squid.  The salt and pepper pork chops looked pretty good too but am keeping a list for next time.

Golden rice is their version of fried rice mixed with a variety of different things and it is a must get.

Snow pea sprouts with three kinds of eggs was our one vegetable dish.  It is just all tossed together and those greens just shine through.

Deep fried shrimp was a recco from our server.  He was right.  One was all you needed but it was just perfectly cooked and just so good.

This mango jelly is served for dessert.  Nice way to end the meal although a strange texture but I liked it.  Keep in mind that Wu’s is BYOB except for beer which they sell.  We went through a bottle of Casamigo’s Tequilla which seemed to hit the spot for everyone.

Might be worth checking out their dim sum during the day.  It is a fun place to go with a group and the price is just right.  We will definitely return for a few other things on the menu….including the pig!


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  1. awaldstein

    Yum!Go to Chinatown infrequently.But once a year when my friend Frank Cornelissen, winemaker and folk hero from Etna comes to town, a group rents a hall somewhere in Chinatown and have a feast and drink his wines.Did so last month.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It’s so great in that area

  2. mplsvbhvr

    I miss good Chinese food… one of the worst things about leaving New York and Shanghai before that… the Midwest is just not quite there yet but thankfully improving recently.

  3. Ben Giordano

    Adding this place to my NYC list, for sure.

  4. AMT Editorial Staff

    We are on Chinese food overload — but good stuff! In Shanghai. Last day. Loved the squid on a stick…that’s what we called it. So many veggies eaten along with meats and more.