Jury Duty

I served jury duty this past week.  The other two memorable times were being interviewed for the Robert Chambers case and getting off for being the primary caretaker which was legit and necessary.

It is fascinating and compelling sitting in the courthouse and being called in as a possible juror.  We can read about the law or even watch it on TV but being there and listening to the process is pretty cool.

At lunch, I walked over to Joes Shanghai that serves up some of the best soup dumplings in the city.  That’s all I ordered.  One order which is 8 luscious pork crab dumplings that ooze out a delicious broth when you bite into them.

I sat at a table with a couple and a group of three.  Of the three (I think one was a friend) was a couple who were retired from Scotland and were fulfilling a travel dream.  They had been to Colorado, Texas, San Francisco, Arizona, New Orleans and more. They had not heard about the Highline which is kind of amazing if you do your NYC research before showing up so I gave them some advice as a must go.  Then to do the Whitney and Chelsea Market while they were in that hood.  They were thrilled.

The other couple was from SF and came to NYC often but I was able to give them a great breakfast suggestion for the next day.  They were staying in Tribeca so I told them to get to Arcade Bakery. I also pointed them in the direction of some afternoon treats and a museum.  Always feel it is my civic duty as an NYer to share the knowledge of the best spots in town.

Then I returned to jury duty where I watched many people get thru the security entrance.  Belts, wallets, phones, handbags and more than needed to pass through the scanner before getting into the building.  It is quite amazing what people have in their pockets

Not my typical day but definitely an interesting insight into the underbelly of the people coming through our town and the court system

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  1. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Used to be the hardest part about Manhattan jury duty was finding lunch! So many more options now.In my alternate universe, I’m a writer and just hang out in criminal court all day getting ideas. Or I’m an investigative journalist hanging out in criminal court all day getting ideas. ;-)Those visitors are _so_ lucky they got seated by you!

    1. Donna Brewington White


  2. Iv

    One of my fellow jurors was behind me in the security line. Scene is 9am:Officer: “Ma’am…. is that… is that a wine bottle opener?”Ma’am, approx 30yrs old: [sigh] “Uh.. yea.. probably.”

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha. that’s good.