Last day, a morning in Detroit

We headed off in a different direction for breakfast before going to the airport.  We had breakfast at Roses Fine Foods.  This place is the ultimate diner, as says their tagline.  It has the grit, the old world feel yet the food is organic, freshly made and has an incredible menu from morning to night.

This shot shows all the random mugs and the coffee percolating all day long.

We had the lemon poppy cake to start our day off right.  You just have to look at this to know how delicious it is.

The egg sandwich, made with freshly baked bread, cheddar, greens and a side of potatoes was the perfect breakfast.  They make their own hot sauce but be careful, a dot can send your senses on fire.

How many diners have a buckwheat blintz stuffed with goat cheese and honey drizzled over it? I loved this place and would go back for any meal there.

It was essential to pick up just a few goodies for the road so we stopped at Sister Pie.  Another winner that bakes seasonal sweets with local ingredients.  Peanut butter cookies with a dusting of paprika, fennel seed Snickerdoodles, Orange Peel Poppyseed cookies, Lemon Drop Cookies, Puffed Pie Sandwiches stuffed with Chocolate Cream.

Then there are the pies.  Salted Maple, Honey Lemon Meringue and more.  We each got a box of cookies for the road although the pies were tempting too.

IMG_2494 from Joanne Wilson on Vimeo.

We drove around the neighborhood one more time before going to the airport.  A really great trip.  I definitely plan on coming back at a time so I can hit up Eastern Market on a Saturday and also get myself back down to Ann Arbor.  Detroit will be a different place as the years’ pass, and I hope that they can keep the integrity and charm of these two shops we stopped in before leaving.

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  1. johndodds

    A great series of posts about a city I’ve never visited. Thank you. Did you encounter any of the urban gardeners and artist quarters that I recall being touted as the future of the city’s regeneration some years ago?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yep. I talked to one woman who runs a farm in Detroit. We saw how the non-profit plants trees around the city. Did not get to visit the artists quarters but know that there are spots delegated to them.

  2. awaldstein

    Curious if/where there is a tech enclave in Detroit?A SOMA area?Thanks for this!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Downtown…and definitely in the two buildings, we went to.