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“What She Was Wearing”
was written and is delivered by poet Steve Connell in this video
created pro bono by ad agency Energy BBDO.The poem is based on a story kidnap/rape survivor
Angela Rose shared with Steve about how she was treated when she
reported her assault.

Angela not only survived, she founded PAVE.
Now in its’ 17th year, PAVE is a non-profit dedicated to creating a safe and healing culture
to support survivors by shattering the ignorance of that type of victim blaming,
and addressing the stigmas associated with sexual assault.

PAVE has adopted “What She Was Wearing” as part of their
continuing work and awareness programs that take place at
college campuses, military bases and more.

Whether female, male or non-binary, “What She Was Wearing”
supports all sexual assault survivors regardless of identity.

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The “What She Was Wearing”
goal is to empower as many survivors as possible who have yet to come forward,
reinforce that it’s not their fault and that they have access to a support system of
survivors who do know exactly how they feel.

I am posting this in May because we should continue to empower women to come forward.

#WhatSheWasWearing is not a red carpet moment

PAVE will capture, repost and retweet all your posts for their WhatSheWasWearing

Nothing any survivor was wearing, doing, or saying makes them responsible for someone hurting them.

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