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I am pretty sure it was meeting and talking with the founder, Kate Bradley Chernis, that got me to invest in Try Lately, a marketing dashboard for teams, but the product was a close second.  Kate is smart, tenacious and in her prior life was a rock’n roll DJ which might just add to her charm.  I also liked that Kate had been thinking about this for awhile before building it.

This week the company launched something that I am going to start using, an automatic social post generator.  It turns long-form content into social media posts so marketers can instantly repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers, video, audio transcripts and more.  It saves people hours and hours a week.  I think about it this way, turn 5 hours of blog marketing work into 5 minutes.

Here is the good news, anyone can try it for absolutely free, no trial required.  Here is the link.


  1. Copy and paste any long-form content with a minimum of 1,000 characters into Lately’s Automatic Social Post Generator.
  1. Add a link to the URL you got that content from or wherever you’d like to drive traffic to.

3. Click “Generate Social Posts” and we’ll instantly parse your long-form content into social media posts.

Give it a try and let me know what you or your companies think.  Feedback is always welcome.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Kate Bradley Chernis

    Huge THANKS for this, Joanne!

  2. Chris Griffin

    That’s awesome… Such a great time saver!

  3. Taylor Davis

    Thanks Joanne! So glad you met Kate and have become a believer in Lately. You Rock!

  4. Blake

    Gah, so glad I caught this; the nonprofit I work for in the Hudson Valley would be lost without Lately! Go Kate + Taylor!

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Hey Blake! Go #HV! Thanks sooooo much! you rule!

  5. Kami Guildner

    I love Lately… as a regular user of Lately this product makes my life so much easier. I am much more efficient on my social posting and can actually get ahead of having to daily post with the scheduler. And at the end of the month, it’s so easy to learn from the marketing dashboard… what worked and what didn’t – so I know more about what my audience is looking for! And the fact that lately has such a rocking CEO with Kate – I’m a fan!

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Aw, Kami, LOVE you and thank you for the kind words. Def keep the feedback coming so we can keep Lately awesome for you!

  6. Terry Duperon

    I love both using Lately’s dashboard and working with the team. Exquisite customer service. Especially appreciate that it is powered by Watson. The other feauture of many that rocks is tracking our marketing campaigns with the analytics and their influencer tool.

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Terry! Thanks SO much! As always, keep on letting us know what we can do better for ya!

  7. RichMironov

    I’ve been using Lately for a year: nicely turns my long-form product management blog into digestible social media bites, and auto-schedules them for broad consumption. Makes me look two feet taller on TW and LI.

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      LOL, Gosh thanks so much Rich!!! Love this!

  8. Camille DeMere

    Using the long form content creator from Lately with transcripts has SAVED me. We have these incredible interviews with incarcerated learners, and pull out quotes make everything pop!

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Mega thanks Camille! This is so great, we love you!

  9. Amanda Bair

    Much love for Lately! We were hooked on the platform from our first preview (the Consistency Scanner). Today, we use the RSS feeds functionality for nearly-hands-free social management, and it’s a timesaver and a lifesaver.

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Amanda… Thank you so very much! We are so proud to call you our customer :-).

  10. Bryan Kramer

    Great post about a great tool. I’m a RAVING fan!

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Wooohoo! Thanks Bryan!

  11. Sieglinde Van Damme

    Love Lately! The automatic social post generator with bulk scheduling on multiple platforms and even an option for automatic repeat posts over time is absolute gold. Not only does it save me time and money, it saves me from the boredom of repetitive manual endeavors so I can happily engage in more interesting activities – #megawin. I also really enjoy their 30min Tuesday open office hours. Apart from learning the powerful details of their many tools, it makes me feel part of the Lately family and I just know I will be taken care should any issue on my end arise. Thank you Lately, and keep going strong – we can’t imagine life without you anymore!

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      WOW-thanks so much Sieglinde! This is amazing. YOU are amazing. Make sure to keep the feedback coming, we want to make everything as awesome as possible for you xx

  12. Cadi Jordan

    Absolutely love Lately. Can’t share it around enough. Who doesn’t want to save time?

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Thanks amazing Cadi!

  13. Robert McCausland

    Very well said! Kate Bradley Chernis is a proven leader — an independent thinker with an ability to translate business needs into practical, affordable solutions that work. Nobody should underestimate the power of “Kately!”

    1. Kate Bradley Chernis

      Aw, thanks Bob!!!