Last Sunday in Paris this summer.

One more open market was key.  We began the day at Marche Bastille.  The produce and that includes all the fish, meat, fruit is just so beautiful.  Just a few highlights.  Tomatoes









Then we returned to our favorite coffee shop in this area, Fragments to have breakfast.  It did not disappoint.

We walked over to Palais Royal and sat in the park.

The men’s fashion shows are being set up for next week.

Decided to grab a little more culture and headed over to Les Musee Arts Decoratifs located inside the Louvre.  They also have a Margiela exhibit going on but this one is about his years at Hermes.  It is Margiela’s 30th year of graduating fashion school in Belgium so I am assuming that is why there are two exhibits of his happening in Paris right now.  The one at Galleria Palais was much more inspiring.

There is also a jewelry exhibit at the museum.  Didn’t love it but this did catch my eye.  This smoking jacket from Dali was about liquor.  What a fun jacket to wear to a party!

Strolled a bit through the Tuileries and hung out at the fountain and finished the crossword.  After all, it is the weekend.

Walked over to Sanukiya for lunch.  The line wasn’t terrible and it moves quickly.  This is the place in Paris for Udon noodles.  Most of the clientele are Asians from all over the world and locally which is a good sign.  We went with a cold udon dish with tempura and a cold soy sauce to pour over the top.  It was amazing.

Back to pack before dinner.  Dinner was in the 20th.  Almost 20 years ago, the neighborhood that was changing was the 9th.  Some good restaurants were starting to pop-up as it was inexpensive to rent.  Then in the past decade, we have seen the 11th just become the spot for new restaurants, new wine bars and more.  Now it is the 20th where change is happening.  It has grit.

We went to Grand Le Bain with a former chef from Le Passage manning the kitchen.  Have always been a fan of Le Passage and continue to return so I was excited to go to Grand Le Bain.  The plates are for sharing.  Tuna with cherries and cucumbers.

Pate and pickles.

Artichoke and the dish that came from Le Passage, the lamb.  Roasted for over 8 hours, falls off the bone and the skin is so crispy.  The best part is the minty vinegar served on the side.  So good.

Dessert was in order.  A cherry tart with cardoman infused ice cream

I truly love Paris.  I know Paris like I know NYC which makes the city even more special as I continue to come back again and again.  It is like visiting an old friend.


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