Sunday in Paris

The best thing to do on Sunday in Paris is hit up the flea market.  We always go to the Paul Bert Serpette Marche Aux Puces.  The stalls are not that busy in the morning, the owners of each stall are happy to talk, they all mingle together for lunch and there is always a bargain to be found.  We have purchased a variety of great items over the years.  First stop is breakfast at Les Cocettes.  If you get there at the right time you can have your breakfast while the staff has theirs.

This gives you an idea of what the stalls look like.  Each is put together based on what they have that day.

Vintage coats

An amazing circa 1970 Italian mirror




Bar Carts


Vintage plates

Random bar pieces

Lamps and so much more.

We were getting hungry so off to Miznon for lunch.  Always a line unless you get there before they open.  Emily had to have the chicken salad which they do not have in NYC.  Also some green beans.  Have to love that everything and anything can go in a pita.

This spicy fish was served with a crisp covered pita bread.  Think Israeli tacos.  Excellent.

We then walked into Maison Plisson.  I have walked by this place countless times and it was Emily who told me we should go.  The owner thought about NYC when she opened this place.  Almost like Dean and Deluca filled with the best products from France.  I wish there was something like this in any of the neighborhoods I live in.  A variety of roasted meats here.


Premade items and fruits

Loved how they put up photos of all the people who work here as children.

Curated items from oils to jellies downstairs.

Of course a wine shop too.

Coffee was in need and in the neighborhood is Fragments.  A place we have been countless times.  They have great coffee and also sweets if you need to be indulged.  Iced coffees with oat milk.

We walked back and took a short break before hitting the town for dinner.  We were going to Clamato for dinner, where there are no resys, so get there early.  We did not so we ate late although it did give us an opportunity to try out two wine bars.  The first was Septines wine bar around the corner.  Clamato and Septine are owned by the same people.  A few nice snacks to start.

Then around the corner to Paul Bert’s wine bar before getting into Clamato.  I want to say I loved Clamato as I had read about it for awhile and have been hankering to get there but I didn’t.  None of us did.   These were the first course.  Red Tuna Rillette, Bouquerones with an Elderflower Vinegar, Zucchini Flowers and a green Chickpea Hummus with Bottarga.  The hummus was the best thing.

The main courses were just not worth writing about although the maple syrup tart was amazing.  Not a good thing when the dessert outweighs the savory dishes but it was a nice ending.

Emily left the next morning to return to NYC.  We are sticking around for another week or so.  So great to spend time one on one time with her.  The girl knows her food and Paris.





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  1. awaldstein

    An intimate travel journey with you that has continued over years.So nice!

  2. JLM

    .Great pics. Thanks.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  3. Pointsandfigures

    Can you get a “deal” at the Paris Flea Market like you can at US Flea Markets?

    1. Gotham Gal

      It’s all relative for what you are looking forThis is mostly high end vintage furniture