RIP Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold gave applause to the LA food scene like no other.  In his beloved sprawling Los Angeles, he ate and kibbutzed in places many would not think of walking in to.  He embraced the vast culinary landscape of LA eating Mexican in the morning, Korean for lunch and Turkish for dinner.  He traveled LA like others travel the globe.  He changed those restauranteurs (and many times families) lives writing about his meals at their establishments.  They proudly hung the Jonathan Gold review, the badge of honor, in their foyer.

Gold revealed himself to the food world in 2015 deciding to no longer keep his identity hidden because the reality is that many already knew who he was.   He no longer remained anonymous. peeling off the mask as he ate his way through LA.  The movie, City of Gold, is a must-see documentary that takes you on the road with Gold devouring his town.  It is a love letter to Los Angeles.

He loved everything about the food industry but mostly he loved the people.  It is unfathomable to lose two men, Anthony Bourdain and Jonathan Gold, who changed the way we read and think about food in such a short period of time.  They both brought us to the table to experience, celebrate, educate and enjoy the importance of how food impacts each of our communities.  They leave a gaping hole in the food industry.

Gold left the world way too early.  I will miss his voice, his appetite and love of Los Angeles.