Is there a better way to run Government?

Four years ago, after several drinks with friends, we came up with the idea at a party with people who are involved in politics, some more than others that we should run together.  It was prior to the NYC mayor race.  The concept we came up with is essentially a group of people who each had very different skills but together could be a force, would be a new way to run Government.

I remembered the conversation after reading my friend Carmen Busquets Instagram’s lamenting grief for her country, Venezuela.  It is immense greed and corruption that has destroyed her country.  As a nation, we are literally watching a country be taken apartment by extremists.  It is so sad on multiple levels.

Boards run companies.  Some work better than others but it keeps the President or the Chairman of that board in check.  There always has to be a leader and there are several different roles held on boards based on the skills and interest of each board member.  You can agree to disagree but when decisions are made and the vision is no longer moving in the right direction, or there is massive mismanagement, it is time to get a new leader.  The leader doesn’t always leave but they take on a different role.  There might be rifts but it is mostly civilized.

As Carmen asked, as we talked about at the party four years ago, what if a board ran the Government?  There are boards around leaders of the world but most of them are hand-picked to execute on the leaders’ vision with zero push-backs.  That is what we are seeing in Governments around the globe and it leads to dictatorships such as Syria, Turkey, Venezuela.  History shows us exactly what happens when dictators take over.  Nothing good.  It is not pretty.

Perhaps each board member would be elected with four years terms.  It would force the board to consist of a very diverse group of people, perhaps some from different parties.  They would have to constantly compromise to move forward with the leaders’ vision in mind, but maybe they would think differently about how to run a country or a state or a city through a very different set of eyes that reflect everyone one of us.

Is it time to change Government?

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  1. Bridget Goodbody

    Brilliant! And this next generation is growing up more collaborative, right? Perhaps a natural course…

    1. Gotham Gal

      Let’s hope so.

  2. Eric Woods

    In this context, isn’t the legislative branch supposed to act as a Board to the executive branch? The issue we have above all else, IMHO, is that the oversight function has been completely abdicated.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Completely abdicated.

  3. LE

    Actually a variation of this might help someone get elected and all around could potentially work.A group of people get together to support a particular candidate in an election.They do not contribute money to get the person elected.What they contribute is time and an agreement to get involved and oversee what the candidate if elected is doing and to offer advice and most importantly another level of transparency..And the candidate agrees to accept that help and oversight (not formal and legally to messy but informally). It becomes his platform to get elected. Variations of this are done but more or less behind the scenes and hidden from the public.So then by example what you have is something like this:Candidate A—————Oversight (and knowledge) by:JaneBobBillLaurieBridget(etc).Candidate B————–No Oversight.All else equal, who would you choose?Assumes of course there is a legal and legit way to set this up. I am just talking concept(because that is what you are talking about).A group of people elected as a group comes with it’s own issues and problems. Anyone whois on even a condo board knows how that works.

  4. Pointsandfigures

    The thing that destroyed Venezuela rhymes with “Mocialism”. Democratic Republics can be messy, but are better than dictatorial states and monarchy.