Kyoto, Day 2

I have written that over the past couple of years that our go-go attitude when traveling should really take a new direction like perhaps bringing clothes to chill pool-side or perhaps a little spa action instead of the go until you drop direction.  Today, we saw a few things and then opted for the relaxing afternoon.  Note to self….this is a good thing and more of that is not such a bad thing.

The morning we headed out to the Robert Yellin Gallery.  You need an appointment.  He is an ex-pat, formerly from CA, who wound up in Japan many decades ago.  He represents some of the top Japanese ceramicists and he shows their work in his home.  He is warm, inviting and full of information.  It was really quite charming.  We made a few purchases to bring home.  Good news is they take care of getting everything to our home.

So many incredible pieces.  I had to hold myself back.

Next stop was Kyoto Bal a high-end concept shop that was renovated in 2015.  The store is absolutely stunning.  There are more than a few items that we found that were editions done by two companies, one from Japan and the other from the states.  I wish there was a store like this in NYC because there is absolutely a void in the market for it.

There were a few shops inside separate stores such as Akomeya, home store, and Tomorrowland.  Kind of reminiscent of Fred Segal but so much better.  Akomeya is incredible.  Kitchen supplies from food products to pots and pans.  If this was in the states, I might have brought home multiple bags.

The store has two entire floors of books and stationery products.  Really well done.

Next stop was the Nishiki Market.  Last time we were here I remember the market being insanely packed.  Today, perhaps because it was Monday mid-day, it was relatively calm.

Delicious green tea soft ice cream!

Also everything from spices to grilled eel to pickled vegetables.  I went back and read the old post I did on this market and basically, nothing has changed except for the soft ice creams that seem to be the thing of the moment.

The knife store is quite special too.  What has changed is that many of these items you can now buy online.  I will definitely go home and dig deep into the items I saw at Akomeya and see what I can get shipped to my front door.  I can be educated and discover here and then go home and shop.  It changes the game.

This past year we did a massive renovation.  I spent countless hours on Etsy finding and then purchasing Japanese textiles that we made into pillows.  Robert Yellin sent me in the direction of Gallery Kei for textiles.  A wonderful woman who sources and sells Japanese textiles that are anywhere from 20 years to 90 years old.  The best was she gave me her card and told me to follow her on Instagram.  You gotta love that.

We hit up the Kyoto Ceramics Art Association before going back to the hotel to have lunch.  Hung out the rest of the afternoon, reading and chilling.  Wise move.

For dinner, we shifted plans based on last night’s meal.  We decided to go for Yakitori.  First stopping at Bar Rocking Chair for a drink.  The tiny bars are really great here.  They take their drinking seriously.

Since we were shifting at the last minute we went to Wabiya Korekido.  Good not great but we had a good time.

Duck meatballs.

Fried chicken.

Back to the hotel and heading out tomorrow for Naoshima.


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  1. Laura Yecies

    If you get a chance there is great Okinomiyaki in Kyoto

  2. Pointsandfigures

    Ha, I have bought a couple of kilim’s from this guy I met in Istanbul. I read about him online and started following him on Instagram.

  3. jason wright

    are you taking photos with a mobile phone or a dedicated camera?

    1. Gotham Gal