Last stop…back in Tokyo

Thanks to our desire to call in an audible, we were able to have one full day in Tokyo before heading out of town instead of an afternoon.  Tokyo really is an amazing town.  The vibe, the fashion, the food, the hidden spots, the different neighborhoods, the parks, the stores, the art…it is just amazing.

We got tickets to see teamLab, an interactive event on two floors.  It is a total digital art experience.  It reminded us a little bit of the interactive art experience we did in Paris that was completely dedicated to Gustav Klimt.  My guess is we will see more of these being created as they tour around the world.  They are fun to do with people.  My pictures definitely do not do the place justice.

Each room has different rooms off of the large room.  One is butterflies, another is a rain room.

One floor was dedicated to physical activity and we jumped on a trampoline with shooting stars.  You can also climb up the stairs that move.

This was like walking through a land of moving plants.  Certainly great for kids and wouldn’t hurt adults to do a few mind-altering substances to truly enjoy the experience.

This room of lamps was really cool too.

In that area is the new fish market, Toyosu.  I actually did not take any pics.  It is completely sterile.  The supposed cost of the move was over $600Billion.  I am sure there were countless reasons to move to this new facility starting with separating the tourists to the business going on.  It was scary being in the wholesale area when a pitchfork would drive by and take you out with no thought.  Now people can watch the tuna auctions from above but the way they built the place, you can’t really see the fish stalls.  They are below but they window above really looks at their ceiling so it isn’t truly open.  Then upstairs there is a vegetable market with stalls to sell to consumers.  Of course, one section for restaurants where there are serious lines but you feel like you are in a food hall.  Sadly bland.  I hope they keep the vibe of the old fish market although now only stalls that will have to get to Toyosu to pick up their fish.

We went back to the old fish market area, Tsujuki to have lunch at Sushi Cho.  Standing only.  When you are in Rome, you stand to have your coffee, and in Japan, you stand to have your sushi.  It is quick and delicious.  I love how the chef keeps note of what you ate with something that represents a bingo board.

A few highlights were the eel.

And the bonito.

We went over to the Daikanyama area that feels like a mini-Soho.  High-end shops that run the main street and down the rambling streets around the area.  Matsunosoke has some delicious pies.

Bonjour Records sells hip-hop pillows. Other places worth checking out there is Daikanyama T-Site Garden where there are a bunch of different shops and places to eat.

It is a nice way to spend an afternoon checking out the stores, the galleries, and the architecture.

We did make one final jaunt down Akihabara where electronics are alive and well.  The place is lit up in fluorescent light and you can see it and feel it during the day and I am sure much more so at night.  Plenty of games and electronics to buy.

Our last meal was not memorable so I won’t share.  What I will share is some thoughts on Japan.  Easier to get around than 6 years ago as English is definitely being used more.  Naoshima was the highlight.  Everyone is efficient from the stores to the airport.  They have rules and they stick to them.  It is part of the culture.  10 days is the right amount of time.  Second time for us in Kyoto, and not sure we will return.  Have done so many shrines and churches over the years that we might have hit the wall except for one or two, not twenty.  The key here would be to rent a bike and get outside of the city.  The neighborhoods are probably more of a real Japanese experience than the town.  Really a fantastic trip.

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  1. JLM

    .A photographic and travel tour de force. Bravo.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  2. jason wright

    Weird. Was watching the BBC’s Click programme (tech and culture stuff) when i came here. Where was its presenter? In the lamp room above. A small planet.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Wow, the teamLab experience looks incredible. Will have to get out to something like that soon. You took great photos!That selfie is absolutely priceless. You kids 😉

  4. seankelly

    GG love your blog. Subject matter (food, art) and frankness. Brings a smile everytime one of them pops up in my inbox.

    1. Gotham Gal