Women Are No Longer Biting Their Tongue

I recently met an extremely impressive businessman who is in his mid-70’s.  I did not spend a lot of time talking to him as much as my husband did but he said something that stuck with me.  It highlighted how his generation of white powerful men is eventually going to come to an end.  Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. He asked about our kids and if our daughters were going to get married soon.  He said when our daughters get married, that I will have a big job ahead of me.  I saw his wife cringe.  That attitude is of a different generation because women of his generation did not have powerful jobs, become CEO’s of companies, be founders of their own start-up or believe to be to equal to anyone.  Their roles were different and women, for the most part, bit their tongue.  His reaction to me was genuine but his wife knew that times are changing or she would not have cringed.

Many are wondering how did our country get to where it is today.  How did we become so divided?  Pure and simple, it is about old white elitist men who want to keep power and make their big donors happy and the court obliged them.  It is not about the people that they represent but the very few that they represent.  It is one of the many reasons we need term limits including caps on how much each candidate can spend on running which will make the time that people campaign shorter.  It infuriates me that the only solution that candidates and parties are pushing is to give more money to the party of choice.  That doesn’t change how we got to a politically divided country that is using everything as a political pawn.

It is time for a change on so many levels.  The anger and angst among women I know says to me we need a new message.  One without anger and strife but with strength and reality.

Feminism needs a new tagline.  I keep thinking about that genius line that the character Reggie Hammond played by Eddie Murphy in 48 hours said.  There is a new sheriff in town and I would add that women are not going to take shit anymore.  We are going to call out abusers, we are going to say something if we don’t agree with something, we are going to run for offices, we are going to run companies, we are going to be embraced for who we are and no longer be treated as second-class citizens by older white men from different generations or even men of their own generation even it means being dragged through the media.  I hope we do it with a smile and a solid handshake and the winds behind our sails.

I fear that things will get nastier in the months ahead of us but let’s hope that positive change is ahead.  Women and all feminists (and that includes men) are going somewhere different and we need to be leaders with new words and a new message.