Jack Ceglic

We first saw Jack’s pieces this past summer.  Over Thanksgiving weekend we visited his studio.  Jack is a prolific artist who grew up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, went to art school in his youth and then through college.  Along with Joel Dean, his partner, and Giorgio DeLuca, Jack was the creative partner behind Dean and Deluca that began in 1977.  They were all so ahead of their time building the brand Dean and Deluca into one of the most amazing high end curated grocery store that still stands today.

Jack is an artist and has always been an artist.  He is a super nice mellow charming man who seems to enjoy his daily creative side more than anything.

He takes photos of people without them knowing, then returns to his studio to create these pieces.

There is nothing quite like the light and the artist community out in the east end of Long Island.  I always feel so lucky to meet the creatives out here, see their work, where they work out of and support their practice.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for this.Knew of him as I was huge fan of the store as for many years living downtown, they were the only place in town.Like his art actually.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Reminds me of Jason Polan.That particular series that’s in your photos makes me wonder if different people respond very differently to these pieces. I find them really calming and cheering. But I wonder if some people find them to be more of a critical societal commentary.

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. Erin Bagwell

    I love your love of art, Joanne! It’s so cool to see how you support and foster the creative community.

  4. jason wright

    “He takes photos of people *without them knowing*, then returns to his studio to create these pieces.” – um, thought provoking. I wonder.