Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming, has sat with me. I absolutely love the title. It is her story of how she became who she is today beginning with her childhood on the South Side of Chicago.

The experiences in her youth are at the core of who she is today. Those values is what seems to keep her self-aware today. Her desire to make an impact on the young women she could have grown up with is tremendous. She is giving each of those young women a gift by giving them a leading light as a role model.

She is impressive to say the least.  She is vocal around female empowerment and how social structures are the issue. I love that she threw Sheryl Sandberg under the bus on the bullshit of Lean In. I was never a fan of the ridiculousness of her book but didn’t think I would win any awards for calling this out so I applaud Michelle for doing it. Her priorities around her children I can relate to and she struggled with the entire family being thrown into the political life as well as a life of money and power that she did not grow up with.

The insight into President Obama is interesting and insightful.  He is an extremely layered smart individual who cares passionately about others.  He ponders every decision.  

I am a fan. I happen to love that she wore those killer Balenciaga boots recently in an interview. She no longer has to be politically correct. She is still “Becoming” in her own voice. She is aware of the power she holds and the impact she can make. I have no doubt that the best is yet to come.

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  1. Semil Shah

    lol at the sheryl part. also, what an amazing, stunning portrait shot.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. LE

    I was never a fan of the ridiculousness of her book but didn’t think I would win any awards for calling this out so I applaud Michelle for doing itMichelle could take that approach because she is arms length and not in any way connected tech wise to the Sheryl Sandberg or even close. So I wouldn’t beat yourself up over that at all. Plus she is appealing to an audience that is primarily women. And in particular women who might have purchased Sheryl’s book. So publicity wise it makes sense for her to take on the topic just from that angle ‘the market leader’ you could say. She will pick up readers for her book (which I have heard is excellent but have not read).Separately I think it is well known that even though Oprah is touting Michelle’s book, she and Michelle they have had their issues. Lest anyone forget it was Oprah who essentially made Obama and his presidency by getting behind him when he was relatively unknown. I watched that episode of Oprah when it happened and she revealed him on her show with the same tone that she uses to give cars away. The amount of help this gave him can’t be ignored.Later Oprah was shunned from the White House by either Michelle or Valerie Jarrett or both as being ‘to big for her britches’ (my words). Nice ‘thank you’.Not taking away from anything Michelle has done and I’d support her candidacy in office by the way. But worth mentioning just the same.This isn’t the best support for my point but I definitely remember this over the years while Obama was in office:

    1. Gotham Gal

      Power is a strange thing.

  3. awaldstein

    Was listening to a conservative thinker who basically stated outright that the candidate Republicans and Trump worry about is her.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Fascinating. I can’t imagine she would ever run.

      1. awaldstein

        I just never thought about it but she could deliver the African American, the women’s and I think other minority votes and a lot of the margin of win in the last election may be in there somewhere.She’s just so authentic, grounded and just herself in her values that it is hard to see fragility there.Likability and true authenticity is really powerful.

    2. JLM

      .I cannot imagine that. Not suggesting what you say is not true, but the idea that she would be a formidable candidate? She has no accomplishments other than having lived in the White House and having written a book.Say what one may about Hillary, but had lived through and participated in three gubernatorial campaigns, two Presidential campaigns, two of her own Presidential campaigns, been a Senator, and a Secretary of State. She was a formidable candidate based on experience.One may mark HRC down, perhaps, for lack of energy, health, effort, unlikeability, on the issues, or some other professional discriminator, but she was a very knowledgeable and experienced politician. Had an annoying way about her and a huge sense of entitlement.MO has none of that. She isn’t even an experienced lawyer. She was an influence peddling lawyer. Read her Princeton thesis — not a rocket scientist. Very mediocre mind.I would think MO would be a dream candidate for President Trump. He can pin every failed Obama policy on her.Whoever does get the Dem nomination will have to run very hard to the left and pivot back to the center — a longer distance than ever before contemplated in our history because the left is farther out there than ever before.I like a Beto/AOC ticket. If we’re going left, let’s go all the way, no?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  4. Jessie Arora

    Great recap. I’m reading it now and am thoroughly inspired by her simple elegance. Bravo!