Winter has begun

Venice is a funky place. The pace is insanely different from NYC and of course, that is why we are here.  It takes a few weeks to get into the groove.  Similar to the summer groove.  It’s a different rhythm.  We will be in and out for a bit so the rhythm might take a bit to find itself

The first weekend we hit the Los Angeles roads.  Went to LACMA to see the 1/4 Mile Rauschenberg installation. A 17 year project.

We went to a few galleries and bought some art.

Ate ramen and saw a group of friends for dinner and a party.,

Hit up the farmers market…every Sunday Mar Vista Farmers Market.    

The thing here is the move from place to place is in the car.  There is something civilized about it but I’m not a big spend time in the car person.  Still working on a small aircraft to get around the city but I think that will take some time.

So our winter has just begun 

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  1. awaldstein

    Enjoy!Gotta love the access to fresh produce.I’ll be there shortly to eat great salads, meditate on the beach and scooter around.I do it for a break and to hang with friends more than any reason for work at this point.Do however need to restock some CBD products as well.

  2. Jessica Isaacs

    Love the palm tree piece. Who is the photographer?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Christopher Thomas <https:””/>