Brunch at Olmstead

I admit when it comes to breakfast and brunch on the weekends I tend to prefer the comfort of my home, in my pajamas, reading the paper and drinking endless cups of coffee. But Emily and I were hanging on Saturday and brunch was in order to begin our time together.

We went to Olmstead. I have been to Olmstead a few times for dinner where the food is creative, delicious and the attention to detail down to the napkin is impressive. Going in the day time was a different vibe as the light from the huge front glass window to the equally as large glass back window sends light streaming through the place. I noticed the colors, the waitstaff’s white shirts, and black waist aprons. The beauty of the liquor bottles behind the bar. The cadence of the kitchen. It wasn’t as frenetic as the evening because it’s brunch when people are just starting to wake up to the weekend.

We drank multiple cups of coffee out of the clever mugs with the chef’s super dork character on them. Our hardest decision was what to order as every single thing on the menu looks delicious. After a bit of back and forth we honed in on our picks. First out was the house-made elderflower yogurt with honey crisp apples and pistachio granola. The yogurt is really creamy. I just love how this is served. The package of granola, a jar of honey and pieces of apples. All spread out for you to create your own personalized dish.

House gravlax served with whipped scallion ricotta, everything crackers (a take on the everything bagel) and a few pickled beets on the side. An extremely sophisticated way to enjoy the decadent heavy bagels, lox and cream cheese delight.

This might have been my favorite. Butternut squash bread served with clotted cream and meyer lemon jam. A crusty top that is like a delicious muffin that breaks open revealing soft warm melt in your mouth bread with pieces of squash. I honestly could have eaten the entire loaf by myself.

When you see egg rolls on a brunch menu you think eggs stuffed inside a roll but not at Olmstead. It is a true Chinese egg roll stuff with bits of smoky bacon, cheddar cheese and eggs with hot sauce and duck sauce for dipping. It is pretty genius.

Last was the donut. A light airy warm donut stuffed with just a small amount of pear jam and lightly doused with confectioners sugar. Talk about a treat. Donuts are usually not part of my repertoire but if you are going to dig in well this is the place to do it.

I can hardly wait to go back in the spring for dinner when the garden starts to sing. Might have to do brunch again too.

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  1. Lauren Barnett

    Love that place. I was recently back there again for a birthday dinner. Every dish is like a present or activity that you get to taste. You’re right — the detail is what warms my heart about visiting and the food keeps me coming back. I need to try it out for brunch!

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    This looks fantastic. Will have to go. Lemon jam sounds like my doom (and a great name for a punk band) :o)

  3. Jena Min

    I’m vegan and usually not big on donuts but OMG who can resist fried dough and pear jam? OK now you’ve done it. You’ve inspired me to call my next product, “pear jam”. Now that sounds like a rock band I’d be proud to be a member of ; )

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      Ha! I went for Lemon Jam for my band 😉

      1. Jena Min

        All this talk of jamming is making me crave biscuits while listening to the Lunachicks

  4. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I can’t wait to get your thoughts on Barney’s selling cannabis 🙂

    1. Jena Min

      Since the passing of the Farm Bill and increasing legalization of adult use in the U.S., we will see luxury retailers more open to testing the cannabis waters (perhaps the one bright spot in the otherwise dire landscape for retailers).

  5. Jonathan Cooper

    Next time sit at the small bar in the back, right in front of the cooks. They are super friendly and love to talk about the food.

    1. Gotham Gal


  6. awaldstein

    Noticed that their wine director learned the trade working for my friend Zev Rovine, the first and still one of the best (and now largest) of the boutique importers and distributors in the city.

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. awaldstein

        more and more the best wine lists of the city are being created by women.a lot is the training grounds of very diversity driven early entrepreneurs like Zev and others,also by the leadership of people like Pascaline Lepeltier who is systematically winning every possible traditional somm award there is and crashing the old school.happening on the producer side as well.great to see.