One of the most important things that many don’t talk about in the start-up world is the “why”? Why are you building this business? What is it that is fueling your desire to build this?

I met Rachael Chong, the founder of Catch-A-Fire, for breakfast years ago. Her passion and desire to build an company that would be a place for people to connect and do projects for non-profit organizations in their specific fields was fierce. She saw the need and importance early on. She wanted to build something that would make a difference not something she could build and sell. She is committed to that mission today as much as she was when we first met.

Just like all companies, it takes time to get in the groove and figure out the model. Working with Foundations and Enterprise companies have been key for the organizations as much as the people volunteering their time and organizations they work with. Skill-based volunteer matching is becoming even more important every day. Proud to be an investor in this company.

I love this quote from someone who works with CAF. “Grateful for this opportunity and already have and will continue to utilize Catchafire for as long as it is available to us. It is such an amazing resource…both in terms of tangible projects, and just as important, access to experts in fields in which we don’t have expertise”.