Do You Want to Be a Best, or a Favorite? Linda Derschang, The Derschang Group, Podcast #90

Linda Derschang is the founder and CEO of The Derschang Group, a mix of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Seattle, Washington. Linda joined me to talk about the journey from opening a punk clothing store in Denver to the massive group of bars and restaurants in Seattle today

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  1. daryn

    Linda is awesome. We’ve only met a handful of times over the years, but I’ve always been blown away by her smarts and taste-making abilities (she’s somehow managed to remain the epitome of cool for 20+ years!). My long-time neighborhood, Capitol Hill, Seattle, in the late 90s/early 00s was ruled by Linda and the Rudy’s Barbershop/Ace Hotel guys, and it has been really cool to see their businesses expand and their styles evolve through the years.My personal Linda story: We lived in the same condo building and worked in the same office building for a couple years. And I still have an ashtray that I or someone else swiped from one of her bars back when smoking was a thing :)Come up to Seattle!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I need to come!

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Welp, you got a squeaky “OH MY GOD, FASHION DISASTER!” out of me this morning.I went to college in Denver in the ’80’s. I can’t tell you how much time my cousin and I spent in Fashion Disaster. I bought my first pairs of Creepers and Cockroach Killers (I believe they were made by Shelly’s) in Fashion Disaster. Across the street was Wax Trax where we bought all our music. And I got my hair bleached and cut a block away. That street was like Heaven for Denver punks. Denver was really fun in those days.Linda, if you’re reading this, do you remember the name of the restaurant in LoDo that was all decorated in broken ceramics embedded into concrete (even the light pole out front)? It had a book store in the basement. I’ve been beating my brain trying to remember the name. I haven’t been able to find it online, either.What a walk down Nostalgia Lane today. I never knew at the time who ran Fashion Disaster. It’s delightful to learn who it was and the amazing things she went on to do 🙂