A week in Los Angeles

My cadence here is so completely different than anywhere else we hang our hats. That is what I love about it. The back and forth from the west side to the east side is not my fave but you get into the groove.

We had dinner at Bavel. The owners of Bestia have created a sister spot with a mediterranean twist LA style. Loud, fun and happening for sure. The key here is the cauliflower and anything with bread. This is the flatbread with butternut squash, pepitas, fried sage and wild honey.

Had dinner at Margot which is also loud but the views of LA from the balcony are fantastic. Summer nights out there with a drink will be key. The best thing on the menu is the seafood sausage pasta and the housemade grilled foccacia with olive oil and chopped tomatoes is delicious.

Hit up a bit of art. Petra Cortright at 1301PE is worth seeing. Digital painting. We saw an installation last year at UTA’s space when it was in Boyle Heights.

Went to the new UTA space in Beverly Hills to see an exhibit called Dreamweavers. Really a fan of Tschabalala Self.

Try to get a taco fix on the weekends. Guisados is so solid.

We did a drive-by the original farmers market off of Fairfax that we went to decades ago. Truly a tourist trap which is unfortunate but it is what it is. Not running back and haven’t been in over a decade.

All and all, a nice sunny week in LA.

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  1. awaldstein

    No place has better salads and tacos.Cold and snowy in NY.