Fred Wilson (artist) and Mh Zh

Fred Wilson, yes the other Fred Wilson, is an artist that we obviously have followed. He happens to be an incredibly warm smart man who has created meaningful thought provoking art for decades.

We went to the opening of his show at Maccarone in Los Angeles. This area is filled with old warehouses and I am sure it is only time that they all find themselves filled with more art. This show is called Afro Kismet. Wilson went to Istanbul over seven times researching the history of black people living in the region. These pictures are etchings from Istanbul antique stores where he has highlighted the black figures in the etchings overlaying a white piece of paper and cutting out a hole for the figure to stand out. I love these.

As always his Murano glass chandeliers and black mirrors are his signature pieces. The dark mirrors are reflective but you really can’t see yourself. Fred was there and we got to hear about his journey in Istanbul. Really wonderful.

Afterward we made our way to Silverlake to have dinner at Mh Zh. No resys so we put our name on the list and had a drink at the Bar at Cliffs. What a great spot. The food looked good too. I wish this bar was down the street from us in LA or even in NYC.

Back to Mh Zh. The majority of the seats are outside circled around the restaurant which sits on a corner. Only in LA! The menu is simple and definitely made for sharing.

The high points were the special rice and lentil dish. Could not stop eating it.

The fennel caesar salad with crushed crispy anchovies on top. Definitely making this at home sans garlic.

Beets were also insane. I don’t remember what was in those beets but they were soft, spicy, sweet, crunchy and melted in your mouth. We ordered 2 dishes between the 3 of us and could have had another one.

Kind of a perfect LA evening.

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  1. awaldstein

    The food looks just insanely good!Making me hungry and a going to book a trip to LA as I need one.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Oh that picture of the Bar at Cliffs got me in all my feels about California 🙂 The pic has such a Cali vibe.

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. Pointsandfigures

    Cool first picture. I liked Istanbul. Have a relationship with a great Kilim dealer in the Grand Bazaar. Also know a great tour guide there who is a university professor. Teaches about the intersection of economics and religion which is fascinating. On our tour, we saw some stuff in some parts of the city that would have never been allowed to be there in prior years. My hesitation is that the President is an authoritarian, who is utilizing very conservative Muslims to implement his agenda. It’s not as “safe” as it was. They were better off as a secular society. A week after we left there was a terror attack around the corner from our hotel. That always gives me pause. My friend Mohammed moved from there to Canada because he didn’t feel safe (He is from Egypt). That being said, if you can go to an imam there (Turkish bath house) it’s a great experience : )

    1. Gotham Gal

      Loved Istanbul. It’s such mayhem. Shaky right now

    2. awaldstein

      A fan of the city visiting from before they built the bridge actually.Really a mess. Really a human rights mess. Really a governmental stranglehold on killing an amazing artisanal wine industry.Love the city and people and culture regardless.Love the cat culture more than anything else.