I love a good t-shirt

I do love a good t-shirt with great sayings. Emily’s partner came up with these t-shirts in pure jest but then figured he’d put it up on Kickstarter, a place where he used to work. I love them and am shamelessly promoting them so this gets funded. I want one of those t-shirts!

The t-shirts ask the question….How do you feel about the rule of law today?

Merchandise for the impeachment era. Please back it today! Out next will be no collusion fanny packs!

Own a piece of our times.

Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Very cool.There were a bunch of fashion memes floating around matching the redactions to outfits work by some actress.Kinda love this.

  2. jason wright

    He’s coming to the UK in June. I wonder if he’ll be accused of colluding with Elizabeth II?If they’re prepared to get a permanent Impeach tattoo i’ll come around to believing in their sincerity. Until then it’s just yet more fashionable ‘me too’ bashing. The herd swelling.