Who Do You Want to Be In Bed With?

Who people decide to get into bed with speaks to who they are. Bedfellows are the people you are closely connected to. That can be a partner, a spouse, a business associate or a friend. Bedfellows can cast a big net.

Look at the cast of characters in this current administration. It speaks volumes and certainly goes under the heading “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

The Guggenheim announced that they would not accept gifts from the Sackler family and others followed suit. Patrick Keefe at the New Yorker wrote a fantastic piece last year about the Sackler family that is a worthy read. If you have not heard about the family who has built wealth for themselves while creating the opiate crisis, you certainly will sooner than later.

The family is being sued by multiple organizations. They reached an agreement over one of the first lawsuits so we won’t get the glory of this being dragged through the courts to truly understand how evil and cunning their operation was. Their full page ads in the NYX saying they are sorry are just not cutting it.

Instead of trying to fend off lawsuit after lawsuit, it would be a step in the right direction for the family to create a huge pool of cash with outreach programs and do the right thing by taking care of the mess they made.

What is most interesting to me is that the Guggenheim did not want to be in bed with the Sackler family. They turned down a large check. Is that a sign that things are shifting towards the better good? Zuzana Caputova was just elected Slovakia’s first female President running on optimism, transparency, fairness, and decency vs the regular line of bashing migrants, Jews, and gays. Is that a sign that courtesy and respect will begin to return in politics?

Perhaps I am being overly optimistic of threading these things together but you have to look for signs of hope these days. Be careful of who you get into bed with, it speaks volumes. Not getting into bed with bad partners speaks volumes too.

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  1. awaldstein

    Yup, we think the same on this.

  2. mplsvbhvr

    Don’t forget the very interesting race for Mayor in Chicago! There may be hope for my city yet…

    1. Pointsandfigures

      I voted for Lightfoot. Even though the face is changing the momentum and policies won’t. Chicago is broker than broke. Need bankruptcy ty gn maybe there is hope

      1. mplsvbhvr

        Momentum is hard, but I do believe this is how things start. Not saying we get sweeping changes this term, just that on the face something is better than nothing 🙂

  3. Sierra Choi

    What is interesting about the New Yorker article is that it completely disavows any culpability of the FDA’s role in the opioid crisis. In fact, it makes it seem as if the FDA was somehow “duped” into approval of OxyContin and its marketing labels. Only 3 successful trials out of possible hundreds are needed before FDA approval on any type of drug, and typically the FDA, Mayo Clinic et al are all too happy to accept money from pharmaceutical companies in order to have their drugs approved and marketed to the public.The Sacklers may have exploited painkillers to mass market to the public, but they are not the only ones. Each year, the FDA approves painkillers more than any other drug.

    1. jason wright

      The FDA is a ‘facilitator’ for the industry it serves. All regulators become captured by vested economic interests in time.

  4. jason wright

    “NYX” – What is that?