Last Day in Paris

Luis Vuitton Foundation hired Frank Gehry to build a museum for the collection they went out and acquired. The building is an ode to both LVMH and Gehry.

Soaring ceilings and amazing light that enters each room perfectly for viewing art. The waterfall outside. Even the way the building creates the journey to see the installation is thought out.

Yet the collection, which is shown to highlight painters of the 60’s and beyond disappoints. They should curate more partnerships such as the one they did with MOMA a few years ago. MOMA installed their top acquired works over the years and why they bought each one. It was fantastic. The only piece that was amazing is this Gehart Richter.

The park set around the museum is so beautiful. Kids running around and enjoying the weather. We went back to the 2nd to hit up one more store before taking off. Have to get our standards in. Then over to the 6th to get some lunch and fill up at Bon Marche for a few goodies before heading out. These tarts are so beautiful. I am going work on that pistachio cherry tart and the lemon cream meringue too this summer.

This store opened up about six months ago in the 11th (where we had dinner). It is amazing. I could live in a place like this. Cheese, sausages and salamis, pates, incredible savory condiments, wines, liquors and a few homemade desserts. Why we can’t do this in NYC is because of liquor laws that insanely antiquated. Makes me want to fight the law but not sure I have the desire but someone should because it is silly.

Dinner was at a fave, Le Servan. Those black pudding wontons are just so good especially dipped in the spicy chili sauce.

The pork is also a huge winner. Such a good spot.

The daughter of the owner/chef was there. It was so nice seeing her run around in her Double Dragon t-shirt (their other spot down the street). Everyone who worked in the place and some regulars chatted with her. Gave us a nice insight into the community of the restaurant.

We walked home, the longest night of the year where the sun sets in Paris around 1030. Celebrations of the day with live music on corners and parks. The entire city was having a party. A perfect ending to our trip.

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for letting me enjoy this trip with you.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Oh man, that Richter is really cool. Sounds like a perfect day. Great post. Always love your travel dispatches.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It’s so good.

  3. Donna Brewington White

    Wonderful!Next best thing to being there. Thank you.