Le Corbusier

The Corbusier Foundation opened up the Studio-Apartment after two years of renovation. It is where he lived for three decades, 1935-1965. It is in the 16th Arrondissement.

Charles Edouard Jeanneret, aka Le Corbusier, lived at the top of the building he built with his wife, dog and housekeeper. He loved his dog so much that he built this bath just for his dog. Also that he coined his name Le Corbusier.

The building where he lives and which he built became a UNESCO site in 2016.

He was a man way before his time. The buildings, where his studio and apartment sits on the top straddling the both buildings, was delivered as vanilla boxes for each occupier to create their own space. Even how the background is essentially muted except for a wall or an angle for art that is painted with a bold color. It is these accents of color that are so brilliant.

He chose to live on the 7th and 8th floor although the lift only goes up to the 6th. He created an outdoor space up there at his own expense. He loved the views and planted a garden. Nobody back then lived on the top floors, they were essentially for the staff. The place is so modern but you really have to think about how most people lived in 1935.

It is a layout similar to how we live today. An open kitchen next to the dining room and the family room which is open. Outside you can see the pulley which is how he would get furniture and other large items such as art into the apartment. That walkway is right next to the maids room so she could leave her room and go directly to the kitchen.

Although known as an architect, he was never formally trained. He was an artist. You can see that throughout the apartment. There are so many brilliant concepts that if there was an architect involved they might work better. The vanity area for his wife is situated so that a chair can’t even get under the table.

The concrete dining room table was incapable of moving so he cut the carpet around it. There are many of these little things.

The family room. The couch juts out into the space and the carpet is too big for the room.

In the shower of the MBR you have to step up into and duck so you don’t hit your head.

He elevated his bed so that when you laid on it you got perfect views over the terrace but had to climb up to on boxes to get to sleep.

The guest room has a shower and a sink but no toilet. The beam that is wrapped is what brings heat in. Clever but I can only imagine the clanging all night long.

I did love how the studio had large round ceilings.

He created drop wood ceilings in areas that were more intimate such as his desk, or the family room.

It was really a treat getting the tour. We love architecture. Corbusier was a brilliant man and his impact will continue to be made centuries from now. He wrote that art, architecture come together with poetry and magic. He was an artist who disrupted architecture.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    Cool. Been to a few Frank Lloyd Wright places. His place in Spring Green Wisconsin is pretty neat.

    1. jason wright

      Have you been to Fallingwater?

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        Nope. Have wanted to go

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    Great Post!!

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    Does Fondation Le Corbusier own the apartment?No need for paintings. The walls and windows are the art.