Venice Biennale, Day 1

We have always wanted to go to the Venice Biennale. It happens every two years. The last time we were in Venice was 2007. Not much has changed but being here in cooler months is highly suggested. It is just hitting 80 but the humidity is a killer.

Someone suggested we take an architectural boat trip one day and so we did. We went for two hours with a guide when we arrived since we only had a few hours before dinner. Essentially a short history class. The years of 1300 and 1400 were peak. The city has not really changed must since then even though we all believe that it is just getting worse with climate change.

What has changed is the population and tourism. Only 53,000 people live between Venice and the outlying islands. That is down from 150,000 fifteen years ago. The city does take a beating from the 20m people who visit here annually. The canals are really shallow which is why the flat boats. It is a walking city which is why the low bridges. Boats are still handmade.

The food is nothing to write home about. We are hoping to be pleasantly surprised somewhere in the days to come. This was the lobster spaghetti from last night at Ristorante da Ivo.

We walked home prepping for the big art day ahead.