Summer Pasta

I rarely make pasta much to Fred’s demise. There was a recipe in the food section of the NYTimes this past week which compelled me to try a pasta as a side dish. I didn’t follow the recipe but used it for creativity. Definitely making this again.

  • 2 lemons thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp capers
  • 2 shallots thinly sliced (or half a sweet onion)
  • spaghetti or bucatini (3/4 of a box)
  • feta cheese (I prefer french feta)

Saute the onions/shallots in a pan in olive oil. Add the lemons and continue to saute until both the onions and lemons are caramelized. Then add the capers. This can now sit on the stove until you are ready to serve it. I warmed this up later and added a bit more olive oil and a tab of butter before pouring over the pasta.

Boil the pasta and strain. Add the lemon mixture, crumbled feta, a bit of sea salt, toss and serve. It is so simple and so good.

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  1. awaldstein

    yum!really yum!wonder if you want your community here to post their own recipes that are segues from yours?thought I’d ask as I have a lot of respect for leadership and tone that individuals blog owners want.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’d love that

      1. awaldstein

        k–will post our one-pot different.Growing up in an ethnic jewish household the individual recipes no matter how different became part of the personality of the house often stylized by the ethnicity of the grandparent that lived there.Different but the same today based on health, beliefs and more.Food and wine and dynamics around the table are the good stuff of life.

        1. Gotham Gal

          The best stuff of life

  2. pointsnfigures

    I love pasta. I never eat it anymore because of the carbs. However, I did make Serious Eats Bolognase sauce… and it is fricking amazing. Totally addicting with lots of umami. Put it over some cheese ravioli and it was spectacular.

    1. awaldstein

      gluten free pasta is just great btw.that’s all we eat at out-different story.

      1. pointsnfigures

        I haven’t tried gluten free pasta. I have eaten a lot of stuff (proud investor). A lot of the gluten free aisle is chock full of sugar to cover up the regular taste of gluten free! I love to make my own raviolis. I have a ravioli press. French feta inside a ravioli might be good with a little fresh parsley!

        1. awaldstein

          Banza chick pea pasta is a great brand. No sugar.Gluten is a strange thing. With most people it is not bad, but it is almost never beneficial and that is the key for the entire non gluten revolution in food.I’ll see if Luli will let me post some of her one-pot super simple super healthy recipes as I bet in your cabin they would be perfect as simple seems better there.

    2. LE

      I never eat it anymore because of the carbs.I eat a bagel every single morning (with cream cheese and lox and capers) and I do mean every single morning. A bagel has more carbs than a portion of pasta. Although I am in no way a nutrition expert (and I don’t even read anything on this subject – actually I don’t need to) I can say that over many many years I have never had an issue with weight, blood test results, health or any metric (my heart rate is in the 40’s). Everything in a reasonable portion is ok.. Nothing has to be a religion. My point is all this obsession with ‘none of this’ or ‘never eat anymore’ can just be replaced with the appropriate moderation.Here are a few things that people can do from ‘my formula for success’ and I do mean it is a formula for success (22 years roughly) that I have had and have figured out w/o books etc:a) Stop tying eating to pleasure at least in a major way.b) Learn to have enjoyment but still maintain portions (no binge eating)c) Try to keep movement all the time [1]d) Exercise (but importantly don’t overdo it) every day. Overdo = injury = ‘no exercise until healed’e) Get more sleep than you think you needNot every person can do this, or, I guess isn’t motivated enough to keep it up.[1] Here is an example. Every night I watch TV for about an hour or so with my wife. She sits on the chair. I am standing and moving around while the tv is on. I even have a bosu ball that I go up and down on and balance myself (she has learned to accept this and often will cry out ‘ready to sit next to me’). The results speak for themselves. And it’s not hard to do. Ditto for at the office. Small hacks like that where you always get up and move around have results (for me anyway) as long as you are not pigging out and get enough sleep. This has worked for me for over 22 years it’s not some thing that I just figured out a few months ago.. I exercise 50 minutes a day literally the same thing forever.

  3. Sarah

    Fantastic – carmelized lemons are the new secret superpower of my kitchen. I layer their intensity with squeezed lemon juice in hummus. The entire house smells fantastic after a slow roasting of lemons. I make extras, freeze them in batches and add to soups. Slice extra thin on a mandoline if you (like me) struggle with the consistent thickness. Will try your summer pasta recipe this week.