Where is the DNC’s Don Draper?

Politics has always been a big part of our kitchen table. That conversation is a bit escalated these days. What we are all dismayed at is the lack of leadership from the DNC. Why are they not providing a message that is consistent and on point with compelling content?

You don’t have to look farther than Twitter to see some of the most talented people discussing their frustration such as Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Rosie O’Donnell and those are household names. Why isn’t the DNC rounding up the best and the brightest in brand building to create a consistent message online, in print and on TV that appeals to vast audiences particularly the youth who needs to get out and vote?

I don’t want to see the Democrats squabbling about the nuances of their personal healthcare strategies if they become President. The reality is most of them have the same message although some are farther left than others but as Democrats they are consistent about what they stand for. There are plenty of insanely creative smart people who can take those messages and roll out a campaign that is positive even in the diversity of the Democrats running for the office of President.

Change must happen. One of the great things about the way we elect our officials is the running of a campaign. It is not so much about the message but the management of the campaign which includes targeting the right voters. There was a too long clip that was done pulling out pieces of the Mueller Report and reading it by a variety of movie stars. Why haven’t people pulled 15 second clips off of this and put it on the DNC and every Senator’s website to grab and push out so more and more people can see it. Where are the posts, the blogs the Instagrams that combat the constant lies that are being espoused from Trump? Control the message by creating content that spurs people to pay attention to the reality of where are country is and vote. The message today should be quite clear when it comes to violence and guns but the DNC has none.

If you go to the DNC site there is nothing that grabs me. Just a variety of pictures, some written words defining the party and a desire for cash to support the “grassroots” movement. No videos and nothing compelling. Why can’t the DNC be more compelling? They send emails that there have been shootings, sign this petition to help us pass bills, then push this button and give us money. That is not a message, that is not compelling me to get involved, it just does nothing but frustrate every one more.

Why can’t the DNC hire a Don Draper?

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  1. JLM

    .What an amateurish, ungrounded view of the national committees.National committees NEVER take a stand while a primary is being contested (well, except for 2016 when the DNC was hard at work rigging the election for Hillary) because they have a slew of candidates and don’t want to and should not signal a thumb on the issues that would drive a winner.Primaries are state affairs until the field is narrowed down.Tom Perez is doing a good job with a bad hand of cards. Looking to the likes of Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Rosie O’Donnell for political advice is symptomatic of the “out of touch” nature of the entire Dem party and is one of the reasons why Donald J Trump won in the first place.If you want to ensure President Trump’s re-election, keep looking to Hollywood for political advice.After the Dems screwed up the rigged 2016 election and thereafter dabbled with their Super Delegates and the primary schedule, they were left with an infrastructure that is unwieldly for a 20+ candidate field. Too much noise, and as you note — too little signal.The quicker the Dems winnow the wheat from the chaff — no, Beto and Buttigieg are not getting the nomination — the quicker they can pick a candidate to be squashed by President Trump.Nothing says “progressive” like a 77-year old guy who gets confused as to geography and wants to defend Obamacare.Another reason the DNC is ill-advised to let its voice be heard at this time is the wholesale lurch to the left. Once the nominee is sorted out, there will be a knee jerk return to left-of-center. What would happen if the DNC was out there supporting some of these lunatic ideas now?What the DNC is fairly criticized for is — lagging in raising money. Trump is going to raise $2B while the Dems are caught in the two tier fund dilution of an expensive primary followed by the real thing. The Dems will be lucky to end up with $400MM in the actual election.BTW, where are Tom Steyer and Howard Schultz2020?The focus of the Dems right now has to be on letting the candidate bloodletting cull the field. What idiot designed a debate system with 20 candidates on two nights stretched over a protracted period of time? Oh, yeah, CNN. Sorry. This just gives the unlikeliest candidates a prolonged 15 minutes of fame. Talking to you, Andrew Yang.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. Semil Shah

      Hi JLM, the party apparatus heavily influences and designs the primary debates and thresholds to be met. What’s happening is that candidates need to raise big dollars to advertise online to find more small donors to meet the threshold set by Perez.

      1. Gotham Gal

        Things must change.

        1. Semil Shah

          More celebs should get in the mix. They have the audiences. They know how to speak to crowds. They can’t just live in NYC, LA, SF and expect not to be part of any change and just hope it will happen.

          1. JLM

            .Haha, from your lips to God’s ear.The Republicans are praying for a Dem message driven by coastal celebs/elites because that message resonates so effectively in the Heartland.Why don’t we ban fossil fuels, cars, air travel also?Are you the Fifth Column? Or are you just trying to re-elect Pres Trump?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          2. Semil Shah

            I don’t mean to run it, but to get into the mix. Not in a Leo DiCaprio way.

          3. LE

            All in all it’s a bad idea (but not preventable unfortunately) if people pay attention to a candidate and/or support them because some celebrity or notable person gets behind that candidate. That does not mean that the candidate is bad just that it leverages someone that should not have that power. Think about it for a second. Why in the world does it matter who Bruce Springsteen thinks should be President? [1] Do you know that you can’t find a single parent in the suburbs who will allow their child to mow laws with a commercial lawn company. The reason (I did this back when I was growing up) is they perceive a potential harm to their most valuable possession.[1] I use Bruce Springsteen because it’s on my mind that he thinks it’s cool and he and his wife appear very proud that their son is now a firefighter with the Jersey City FD.

  2. pointsnfigures

    The ideas being offered aren’t very good. Hard to put lipstick on it. I don’t think Don Draper would help.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Anyone would be better than what they have

    2. awaldstein

      Disagree.I think there are some good bold ideas, just no leadership.

      1. Semil Shah

        The Democrats have totally lost sense of what the real goal for 2020 is. Most of what they’re crying about doesn’t directly speak to voters who will actually vote, especially in the four most critical states – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

        1. awaldstein

          I hope you are wrong.

          1. Semil Shah

            I hope so, too. But look at all the left-of-center pundits who have been around the block — Mark Shields, Jack Beatty, etc. They think this is a gong show and totally dumb. Add to the mix, there is no real outsider voice yet. It’s the same political language and speak. Credit to Warren for actually being clear and forceful in her language. She is one of few.

          2. Gotham Gal

            She is exact which is a sigh of relief. Yet the DNC’s ability to communicate any message is absymal

          3. awaldstein

            True.I’ve grown to really respect Warren through this process though I agree, I am worried, no one understands communications at all, and the Democratic voter is always a broad complex category in the best of times.I feel deep stress from this often, do what I can and focus on life and projects that can make a difference.

          4. LE

            Contrast principle says that the extreme views will benefit those who appear more reasonable more than if those extreme views did not exist at all.Example using hypothetical free lunch:Case A:FREE LUNCH FOR EVERYONE!FREE DINNER FOR EVERYONE!4 DAY WORK WEEK!Case B:FREE LUNCH FOR EVERYONE!Case ‘B’ does better when there is also a case a than it would if it didn’t exist at all when compared with another political party that does not want any free lunch.I thought about this after wondering in my mind why, as a Republican, Elizabeth Warren wasn’t looking as bad as she was 6 months ago.

  3. Semil Shah

    This can’t be much of a surprised when Tom Perez when installed, no?

  4. jason wright

    Is it possible to think of an election as a market, with a vote having a price in that market? If a price calculation is possible then a market can form, and from there a marketing strategy can be born. There’s a lot of money in election campaigning but not much focus. Price should sharpen up everything about the process.

  5. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I was flabbergasted when the Dems didn’t use footage from the stage performance of the Mueller report in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Lithgow as Trump was hilarious. Maybe they couldn’t get the rights?When I mentioned a couple of days ago that the Dems might be ‘in the tube’ finally it was because of the video they put together and shared on Twitter of the Mueller testimony. While not perfect, I’m hoping it indicates that there’s someone on the team finally dedicated to doing that kind of work. They also seemed to all be ‘on message’ — a rarity for Dems.I couldn’t agree with you more about the emails. I’ve started ignoring them, sadly. *Those* all seem to all be written by the same direct marketing copywriter from 1997. I guess it must get the clicks and donations. But talk about lacking a narrative. Blech.