A Quick Jaunt to LA

We had to go out to LA this past week to check in on a real estate project. I wasn’t very happy about leaving NYC this time of the year but off we went.

We stayed at the Proper Hotel in Santa Monica. Only one of the buildings are open but soon to be two. We have a place in LA but this one isn’t ready so we had to stay in a hotel. They did a really great job. Clean, modern and an LA vibe. Onda is not yet open which is a collaboration between Jessica Koslow of Sqirl and Gabriela Camara of Mexico City’s Contramar. I am hoping for a winner.

Dudley Restaurant re-opened in Venice. I always loved the location and spot. One of the original owners took it over, got a fishing license, and creates a new menu based on what they are catching that moment. Some of the dishes were amazing. Others not so much. The Southern shrimp toast is a win. Warm light almost crumbling thick slabs of corn bread slathered with miso butter to make a sandwich. Inside is shrimp with a bit of spice and chopped herbs. This will definitely be on rotation when we are back for the winter.

Our fave night is always a sushi evening at Echigo. It is our strip mall sushi joint and we love it. Warm rice and super fresh sushi.

Afterward we generally make a stop at the BiggChill. The place is crazy people watching. There is always a short line no matter when you go. Frozen yogurts, cash only.

Went to West Hollywood to do a few things. Had lunch at Sycamore Kitchen. Why can’t they make salads like this in NYC?

We did something we have never done before which is go see a concert at the Greek Theater. From Venice, you might as well bring a passport on a Friday evening, but it is well worth it. A small outdoor venue situated at the top of a canyon. You drive through a neighborhood to get there. We saw Mac DeMarco. It was a bit like watching your friends play music but the venue is supreme and it was a full moon.

To get down there I suggested we take the train. The sitting in a car for an hour and a half is just not for me. Fred was flying in from SF and landed in Burbank to meet us downtown. My brother and I took the train from Bergamont Station to the last stop near the Staples Center. It took about an hour on the train so all and all to get to dinner and to the metro so in total it took us almost two hours. I still preferred the journey vs the car.

We had in Silver Lake at dinner at Mh Dh. First come, first serve. We landed three seats at the bar which is the kitchen. Chef was not interested in sharing any secrets on the beets but he did on the branzino. Grilled branzino straight out of a wood fired-oven, doused with a Beurre-Blanc sauce and charred capers. Wow. Food there is so good.

It is a funny thing living in a hotel after living in a house there for years. I hit up all my spots, caught one new spot and spent time with the fam. Not too busy which is how I am liking it these days.

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  1. awaldstein

    LA just knows how to do salads.Greek Theatre is a schlepp but cool. Everything in LA is a schlepp and you like I always choose to do a hybrid train uber on most everything.

    1. Gotham Gal

      A huge shlep!