Another day in Detroit

We got up and went directly to the Eastern Market.  I might be stepping out on a limb here but this is one of the best green markets I have ever been too.  September is always prime.  In between the end of summer and beginning of fall.

The green market is only open year round on Saturday and during the height of the season (June – Sept) on Tuesdays and Sundays too.  There are always stores and restaurants open in the outer buildings including a side market for meats but to me this is all about the farmers coming on the weekend.

There are 3 different open air buildings. People have everything from donuts to cider to plants to fruits and veggies.  I’ve never seen cabbages this big before.  Everything was also so clean!

The mushrooms.  Wow

We walked through Gratiot Market where there are a variety of meat vendors where you can buy anything from racks of ribs to fried chicken.

Coffee was needed and we stopped into Trinosophes where Warda Patisserie is housed.  Second time there and Warda was on vaca.  So bummed.  Although the flaky scone they have there is really good.

Next door is an awesome record store called People’s Records.  The city has a solid music foundation.  Everywhere we went there is great music playing of all genres. Not surprising.

It is a must to go see the Heidelberg Project.  An ever growing art installation that brings people into a neighborhood that was destroyed during the riots. The man behind it came back from the Vietnam war and was devastated and began making people aware of what was happening through art.  

The best was next.  We went over to Dearborn to eat in the Middle Eastern restaurants.  Dearborn houses the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East.  Al-Ameer looks like a diner but the food they are making in there is fantastic. Pitas are being made constantly inside a huge oven. Thin puffed pouches of warm bread melt in your mouth. We had a few things to split.

The hummus here is heavy on the tahini making it creamy and rich. The stuffed lamb with hints of cinnamon pulls apart and served over a bed of perfectly cooked warm rice with sliced almonds. Put some lamb on a pita, a dollop of hummus and a spoonful of yogurt and you are in heaven.

The raw Kebbie topped with cooked ground meat and onions is something I’ve never had. It is so good. There is something about the textures and tastes that if I wasn’t holding myself back I would have eaten the entire plate.

Our next stop was Dearborn Meat Market. If this was in my neighborhood I would definitely eat here once a week. A total local spot. You pick from a variety of kabobs. Chicken Tawook, Beef Kafta, Beef Makanek Sausage, rib-eyes cubes, and liver. In the back are small tables and the grill. You can also order a salad, hummus, and yogurt. They cook up your meats, bring them to the table with grilled whole tomatoes and onions and that’s it.

Each table has a huge pack of pita bread on the table including spices such as Zatar and Sumac to spice up your meal. The hummus is heavier on the chickpeas so thicker. Everything was delicious particularly the spicy Beef Makenek. I wish they would change to paper plates from styrofoam but otherwise it is so good!

Next stop Shatila Bakery. I am not convinced that is the best bakery but it is the second time I have been. A mixture of treats.

We made a very stops before heading back to the hotel for some rest like the Detroit Artists Market and the original Carhartt store but the key is the Fisher Building. The ornate lobby including the 2 and 3rd floor is just not how they make buildings anymore. The golden handwork on the elevators is incredible. A must to just stop in. The building is 40 stories and was built in 1928. There was supposed to be two 40 story buildings and one 60 story building but because of the 1929 crash this was all that was built.

Before dinner we went to Motor City Wines where Emily and Saarim had been the other night. You pick a bottle of wine, they uncork it for you and if you don’t finish it, you can bring it home. Obviously different liquor laws than NYC. They have a really good selection and a super chill backyard.

Dinner was at Lady of the House. Really nice setting although maybe it was the overeating we did during the day but this was not my fave. I do love that this is a female chef. I have a huge pet peeve when the waitstaff cards people who are clearly in their 20’s when they are with me. The law actually says that if you are with someone who is clearly overage, such as a parent, you can drink. It also sets a damper on the beginning of the night. You are there to enjoy a meal. The best thing of the night was the cabbage. Roasted cabbage with roasted plum, miso sauce and blue cheese. Sounds like a strange combo but miso and blue cheese truly work.

We all went back to the hotel after that. Between the full day and a food coma, it was time to go to sleep.

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  1. awaldstein

    Bummer that wine shop has no catalog of what they sell. Love the always $10 corkage fee.Good trend for real wine culture spots to make bringing your bottle from easy. No corkage Monday nights at Racines is just smart and draws the trade in.

  2. JLM

    .The Detroit Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have anything on you. What a tour de force. Now, I want to go to Detroit.Well played.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  3. jeffgrillo

    I was in Detroit last weekend for Delta Vacations University and I was plesently suprised at how clean the city was and how inviting the water looked when walking along the waterfront near the Marriott.Did you visit the Ford Museum located a bit out of town?i am also gluten free as of 6 months ago and was greatful that all their menus were gf friendly.

    1. Gotham Gal

      We did go to Ford. More on that tomorrow.