Back in NYC

The produce is so damn good this time of year that everything tastes so good.

We got back around 730 on Monday evening, dropped our bags and heading over to Pastis. So happy to have Pastis back in the hood.

Our first stop the next night is Via Carota. Get there super early, put your name on the list, and come back when they tell you to. It is worth the wait. Rita Sodi and Jodi Williams are hitting it out of the park in everyone of their kitchens including I Sodi, Buvette and the newest addition Bar Pisellino. Their next spot will be at 50 Commerce Street, a restaurant space with a long history. The menu will be a nod to past American dishes.

Sushi Nakazawa is always a winner. I much prefer stopping in and having dinner in the bar vs making a resy. Night number 3. Much less formal.

A stop at Van Leeuwan on the way home.

Had dinner at ABCV where only vegetables are on the menu. It is either the product or someone in that kitchen is just killing it. No pics unfortunately

Discovered Jun-Men Ramen bar in Chelsea for lunch but could do dinner. Why didn’t I know about this place? So good!

Red Hook Tavern opened this past July hyping the burger. Feels like being in an old time pub which is a good vibe every season. The menu also nods to the past and the burger….well it is pretty damn good.

The nod to the past is something I am hearing a lot about in the restaurant world these days. Is there something about the comfort in the past and the fear of the future?

Regardless, we hit our faves and a few new spots this week. Feels good to be home.

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  1. Mark Gavagan

    I think I have to start only reading this blog while on a treadmill or rowing machine!

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. LE

    The top dish looks incredible.My creative idea for the day that I just thought of after your excellent pictures is this:Restaurants should deliver the dishes (optionally) with what I will call ‘dish cards’. The dish cards would have a logo on them (the restaurant) as well as what the dish was called. That way if someone snaps a photo they both have a record of what they ordered and if they blog or post on social media people who see the pictures know what the dish is. Also if someone passes by your table and likes what you have you can just hand them the dish card.Yes it’s extra work for the restaurant but seat of pants feel it would be a nice benefit. Not classy in some way? Who cares. Nobody else does this? So what? (Restaurants are bad with this type of thing they don’t even do takeout containers correctly..)

  3. awaldstein

    Great list–I thank you!Ramon and sushi are new to me and will try;I am most excited this Fall for Kindred, the new place coming in the East Village from Patrick and the team at Ruffian.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Like being in your own home