When we traveled with the kids on super long plane flights we had an ongoing joke about just popping a klambien (klonopin + ambien) to sleep until you got there. I caught a nasty cold in Krakow and came up with the perfect solution in Warsaw. I had a Blantaflu (Blanton’s + theraflu) and discovered a new winning combination to get rid of a cold. Traveling when you feel like shit is not fun. Note to self.

Budapest is riddled with coffee shops. We started out at Espresso Embassy. A beautiful coffee shop with vaulted ceilings that have a warm cave atmosphere. Fred couldn’t be happier. Starting his day out with the perfect coffee is part of his daily routine.

Next stop is Central Market. The place was humming. You can learn a lot about the culture of a city from the markets. There is a consistent theme here….paprika and sausages. These purveyors make up the majority of the center market and the fruits and vegetables line up on the sides. A worthy stop.

The rail here is quite easy and that has helped us get around besides massive walking. The architecture is really old and beautiful. If you did not know that you were in Budapest, you might think you are in Paris walking down some of the big long wide streets. My guess is that is what Warsaw looked like before it was destroyed.

We walked over to Belvarosi Disznotros. There are a few in the city. A bit like cafeteria food behind the counter although really good. We had the sausage, sweet sour cabbage, house-made chips, a beer and some ketchup and sweet mustard on the side. I love this stuff. When I lived in London during college I lived on pub food so I could not have been happier.

Our hunt for art galleries in every city is endless. Each city is insanely different. The first few we found were closed. We hunted down the Knoll gallery that was hidden inside a building, on the second floor and trust me not easy to find. The best part of the hunt was this beautiful courtyard inside the apartment building.

We found another gallery. This is one of the local artists.

Needing a pick me up we landed at Artizan and had the sweet of the house, a cardamon cream filled cinnamon bun.

Dinner was at Mak Sor. Again a beautiful soaring cave like ceiling. We opted for the wine pairing 5 course dinner (vs 7). The whole thing reminded me of restaurants in the 90’s. This was the beef onglet with layered cabbage and blinis on the side.

We wandered back to our hotel through some beautiful squares. More tomorrow.

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  1. pointsnfigures

    your remedy was similar to a Hot Toddy. Whiskey, honey, sugar and tea.

  2. jason wright

    Vienna – Budapest 2008. It was such a contrast. Twin capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. One shiny, permissive and decadent. The other a run down and very shabby shell of its obviously former glory. I remember there being a number of EU funded reconstruction projects on the go to try and revive the old place. New tram tracks being laid everywhere. Bridges (the green one between the Central Market and the Hotel Gellert) being renovated. Buildings of institutional importance being tarted up. Overall though it was a scene of tired and dilapidated architecture. Falling plaster. Crumbling stonework. Broken windows. A general mess. Hopefully times have changed.Quite a contrast in the fortunes of the people too. Quite a bit of begging and general poverty, and then a few flash ‘entrepreneurs’ (euphemism) driving around the city in Ferraris and Lamborghinis.Corvinus University has a very interesting clock just inside the entrance of the main building near the river.

    1. Gotham Gal

      These countries def don’t have cash

  3. seankelly

    That new phone is taking great pics. Very much enjoying your travels. Thank you.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Def makes a big difference!

  4. TanyaMonteiro

    Very curious to visit Budapest, am told The New York Cafe is extraordinary, although I suspect a little too touristy these days

    1. Gotham Gal

      We didn’t go although the architecture looks amazing the food we heard was not.