To the Bronx!

My friend Liz Neumark, moved her catering business, Great Performances, up to the Bronx. She is the best in the business. It was time for more space. She couldn’t be happier there and is already getting to know all the locals particularly the ones involved in the food scene.

I have driven through this section of the Bronx countless times. At one point, I was the assistant store manager of the Macy’s in New Rochelle while living on the UES and drove over the Third Avenue Bridge or the Willis Avenue Bridge daily.

The Bronx might be the final frontier of areas that have yet to be touched in in the boroughs. The local coffee shop, Motley Kitchen, has books, coffee and delicious pastries.

La Morada is Mexican and the real deal. Run by a multi-generational family. Someone was there taking pics so I joined in the fun.

We split a bunch of things but kept the lemon aqua frescas to ourselves. Beans, rice, a bowl of spicy mole and soft corn tacos added to the mix.

Pumpkin seed mole with grilled vegetables on the side.

Chicken corn tamales wrapped in a corn husks were delicious. Almost like a smashed potato mixed with dark chicken. It was perfect for dipping in the dark mole that I got a bowl of on the side. Spicy, rich with chocolate flavorings.

Spicy shrimp and cactus in a mellow tomatilla sauce. I keep thinking about this place!

There are a few other spots we walked into. There is Beastro, a record store in the front and behind the velvet curtains a very cool restaurant.

The first independnet book store in the Bronx with a nice bar and lounging area in back. The Lit Bookstore.

Much more to eat and explore. I plan on coming back there again.

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  1. jason wright

    I like the lighting effect in the last two photos.Beastro or Beatstro?

    1. Gotham Gal