Guns…this should not happen

I got an email from a Wesleyan graduate about Pedro Venture, who graduated from Wesleyan in 2010. I did not know him but all of our kids went to Wesleyan so it wasn’t surprising to get the email.

The graduate reached out because Pedro was attending a wedding in North Carolina. He was at a bar celebrating the night before when a stranger opened fire. This has become normal because years ago I would have read about it but this did not even make my media feed. Pedro was hit in the back of his neck, the only person sustaining any serious injury. He is now paralyzed from the shoulders down with a full spinal cord injury. 

Pedro is in for an incredibly long, difficult and expensive journey to rebuild his life. This shouldn’t happen. We shouldn’t have to be worried about attending a wedding, going to a graduation, seeing a movie or walking down the street with a fear of someone opening fire. How did we get here? The amplification of fear has created a gun culture that makes us more unsafe.

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