The Holidays are Here

Thanksgiving is upon us. We begin to eat, entertain, see friends and get into the holiday spirit. This is a great thing for some yet depressing and overwhelming for others. There is a fine dusting of fear that is blowing over our country these days. It is strange and scary times of division and anger.

The Mighty where multiple communities gather online around multiple health situations including one of the most important topics; mental health. They have created a 52 Small Things weekly health care guide that is a great guiding light challenge for everyone. It is a good place to start this holiday season.

Here are the topics so far with much more in-depth information from articles, and ideas on the Mighty’s site. It began last January but you can begin anytime. They are 5 short of 52 on the site.

Identify your goals, practice gratitude, 3 minutes a day journaling, staying hydrated, performing acts of kindness, boosting your self-confidence, expressing love, honoring your needs, connecting with your community, improving your sleep, being creative, tracking your mood, finding humor, prioritizing, mindful eating, mental health time outs, going green, being present, dental hygiene, advocating, celebrating your victories no matter the size, going outside, finding comfort, morning routine, creating positive space, positive affirmation, try something new, empathy, patience, setting boundaries, face your fears, allow yourself to get distracted, build emotional strength, preventing burnout, writing letters, connect with your finances, listen to music, make changes by stepping out of your comfort zone, accept differences, tell stories, rest, physical movement, meditate, trick or treat yourself, listen to your true self, set goals, clean.

Anyone can benefit from self-help particularly during the holidays and the crazy times we live in.

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  1. jason wright

    I like crazy times. It gives people hope for change.